Too much to tell!!

I arrived at the train station at Stuttgart, Germany at 12am in the morning. I pottered around taking pictures and saw this lovely train track and town replica..
IMG_9019Not as tired as you would think I found some food and paid for my first toilet usage, which was cheap. But the toilet not so good haha!!
IMG_9020On my walk to the hostel at about 3:30am it was freezing but I got a few nice pictures before my phone died. IMG_9021I managed to find my way to the hostel at 4am from my great memory of the map I had snapped off google. You really push your limits when away from all usually reliable sources, it’s a great opportunity to utilize your own skills, instincts and brain haha!! After a nap for a few hours, on the seat near the reception (as I couldn’t check in until 2pm), I freshened up and went for a walk through the city.

The markets were on in the town square as it was Saturday and I had a comforting familiar feeling, while walking around looking at all the beautiful junk I came across a paper tole picture (Pop up image), which my sister Melissa had actually made the same one as a teenager at a class. This was such a shock to see the same thing so far from home and a nice symbol of home here with me. When I spoke to the lady she said her son had gotten it from Australia. IMG_9024In the city there was so many sales on and such stylish clothing, I found it hard not being able to get a bargain, alas traveling on a budget and I really shouldn’t buy what I don’t need as I just got rid of most of my possessions to live a more stress free and minimal lifestyle.IMG_9018-1While eating my pizza at a cafe, a cute English guy named Russell asked to sit next me. I didn’t see him for long so I won’t go into detail about his story. But he was a charmer and he kissed me after like 2 seconds of talking to me haha!! (I was so shocked and probably blushing). IMG_9025The following day I had a buffet breakfast which was so yummy! But I’m eating too much carbs. Gonna have to find some fruit shops.IMG_9026Beautiful people in Europe, great fashion. So many friendly people I’ve met. I had a lovely chat with an American traveling around Europe who is from my hostel (which was an amazing hostel)
We went to Starbucks after site seeing and then spoke to a lovely German, Italian studying in Germany. We spoke of philosophy, science and body building haha!IMG_9027IMG_9022IMG_9023Following day: I caught a train to -Esslingen, a beautiful little town with vineyards, where I met a lovely lady named Ellen (spoke to her through a facebook page I am a member of), who showed me where to go and bought me a map. I walked around the vineyards up a big walk got some amazing pictures and it was snowing a lot. IMG_9064IMG_9028I looked at some amazing churches and climbed the stairs to the Boag (castle). Once at the top, I was busting and there was no toilets around, so what did I do? Haha! Lucky the snow had stopped, no one was around, so I pulled down my jeans and squatted next to the Boag. The things you gotta do when traveling.IMG_9029Tell me about some of your funny travel stories??
Caio lovelies! Update soon.
Next stop was Venice xx

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