My fav place so far. Verona!

I got lost on the way to my Slumber place haha!! because my phone had died again and had to practice my Italian asking for directions, which was good.
It was a wet time here but so far my favorite place. I was so blessed I had an umbrella which a lovely, generous guy from the Venice markets (I met the day before) had bought me that morning (it was red and matched my jacket).
I had such a warm welcome from Gianni at the Juliette House B and B, he made me a tea and gave me slowly a quick run down, directions and what to see (including cheap local places to eat), a free map, offered cookies and told me to make myself at home.
There was 2 young girls staying there that night also, whom had been studying in Amsterdam but were from Argentina. One of them (only 22) was having a super mature conversation with me about traveling and the different cultures and people you meet. She was so sweet and told me the chat we had helped her with some concerns, going back home after 6 months.
I got to meet up with a friend of a friend that night at 9pm. We met at Loui Vuitton near the Coliseum
And then went to this darling little restaurant covered in things from all over the world, it had so much culture. We met two of his friends, a Canadian teacher (she was so lovely) and her Russian friend (I can’t remember where he worked). We spoke of dating, heart break, travel and they gave me some great advice of food places to eat at haha!!
It was so lovely being out at night, first time on the trip and first time in Italy.
Something I noticed both in Venice and here was a little sad, to see such beauty in Art, Culture and History but to have so much changed for Tourism and consumerism. I wonder what the ancestors of these places would feel about this.
What are your thoughts?
The Clock tower and Art Gallery.
My notes from the gallery
The emotion, frames and paint oil and water, the strokes and
Sculptures- My favorites, a half naked lady and children (boy carving puppy on tree branch and a girl knitting and reading), a Room- stories, metal work, wooden sculpting, frames, religious images and angels (heads), Demons. Paintings, gold. The perversity, rawness and promiscuity of the art was so intriguing. I want to know more of the stories behind these works. Feeling so enriched with life and so overwhelmed by emotion, culture and history.
View from the tower
The Juliette house was so sweet. Where Romeo and Juliette was set.
Notes all over the walls
My train from Verona to Milan was delayed for over an hour due to snow, but it was good to sit and think, I got to read and relax while eating some chocolate cookies I had bought, haha!! It was only a short train for a few hours.
I didn’t stay long in Milan as i was strapped for cash and plan to come back to see lake Maggigore and Loco. It’s a bit industrial but still has some beautiful landscapes and architecture like the rest of Europe.
After just over a week of traveling and nearly running out of money. You just start to appreciate every little thing. Like a place to put your bags down to rest your back and legs, someone who speaks English for a laugh, a warm bed and shower and a little privacy when you get it. Traveling is great for appreciating the little things.
Tell me about your favorite thing to appreciate while traveling?

Caio lovelies. Update soon.
Be well xx

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