Oh my David! 

It’s been a while and I’m sorry. Finding time to blog has been a challenge in the busy rush. But back to Florence.

Me eating a yummy Cannoli.

So after a fantastic pig out in Florence, my new friend and I decided to do some site seeing around town on our way to dinner. 
The beautiful Graffiti near the station 

These photos don’t do it justice. 

And then I saw this church. That actually looks like it’s fake in person. It’s so beautiful and detailed. Words just can’t do it justice. 

After walking around for ages to find food this was the best ever 🙂

After a long walk home and checking in, to do some laundry. I was surprised to have a room to myself and the power back on (as there was an earlier black out).

I stayed at 7 Santi hostel. The view from the room was pretty good and I got to sleep in a little before a buffet breakfast. 

I feel like such a pig with all these sweets and bread haha! But it’s so yum! Looking forward to finding a smoothie or juice shop.

So I made my way to see some sites and a lovely guy at a pizza shop followed me out and started talking to me. He started opening up about drug abuse and I listened. Then opened my mouth and was shocked at some of the simple loving guidance I gave him. About loving himself. He received it well. After helping me to the Academia Museum (where David is), he gave me a hug and we went our seperate ways.

I felt really happy, thinking how little effort it took and how grateful he was for my words. Feeling like he had helped me discover something about myself. With a big smile and a glowing aura I proceeded to meet Michael Angelos David. And he is glorious haha! 

Some other beautiful things in the museum.

After a leisurely look around I ventured out and came across some lovely views and artists. One of the artists stopped me to say I had beautiful eyes and had to draw them. He was a genuine Italian guy. I couldn’t say no. 

This is the character he drew. 

Not the guy who drew my picture.

There was some buskers and one got my attention the most. 

These are some beauties I saw before making my way to Rome. 

I was asked for a coffe from a guy beside this river. He couldn’t speak much English and I was on my way to Rome.

Caio! Lovelies speak soon. Xx 

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