Growth of the Journey

Growth of the Journey: Reflections, key lessons, love and expansion.

Recently (on my travels in America) I have learned some major things, so many old programs and wounds have surfaced to transmute, over the past month I have been living mostly in a community environment with many other people (which has been amazing to say the least), mostly males and it has been a huge blessing even in the challenges:

I have been able to see my thought patterns, change them and see how clearly my thoughts are creating my reality. e.g in some situations through almost immediate manifestation with people I am so close and connected to.
– My new awareness has gifted me some greater perspective in myself and how to more deeply connect and interact with others in close spaces for long periods (which can often create a space for ego, misunderstanding and disagreements). My ego has come up, my perspective on the ways to interact and consider others has changed.

11 Huge shifts:

1. Seeing and outing my ego sooner.

2. Becoming even more honest and radically authentic.

3. Allowing further vulnerability to be seen and also to heal.

4. Seeing new parts of my inner battle and masculine feminine imbalance.

5. My ability to project less or get stuck in a story of the past.

6. Letting go of some of my wants and needs which are not needed for the collective and our highest good.

7. Knowing sooner when to have space and alone time. (being highly empathetic)

8. Refining my ability to hold my energy, my inner power and to not abuse it.

9. Utilizing my ability to filter out energy, projections and drama of others.

10. Further embodiment of the divine feminine principles, through being more gentle, emotional and intuitive.

11. Changing language from I am to We are, practicing more gratitude and saying I Love you to everyone, sharing more hugs, showing up more present with those I am with and allowing more touch for connection when meeting people.

“Sometimes. simply removing yourself from a situation is all the lesson needed to have the drama present, drift away” – Cynthia Destiny Jauch

Some things in life are not worth the drama and stories that other parts bring to the scene. Learning where your boundaries and self awareness are. Commitment to inner love, higher purpose and the clear picture of guidance for a better way forward, is a huge key to greater balance, support and harmony.

As things present themselves in our world, we can rise above the victim state of thinking and being, to choose to step away from the stories and drama for our well-being and not be stuck in the drama, there is always many sides and poles at play, but coming from a place of more neutrality and allowing the lessons and paths to unfold for us and others and for the highest good.

With all the purging and newness coming through to our world, all the shadows which have risen to be transmuted. We can step back and hold a space of love, calmness and higher perspective. Finding compassion for all pats at the place they are, allows for letting go and stepping aside from the chaos presently showing for restructure and healing.”


More key lessons:

* Being able to celebrate and reflect on all the inner changes by the amazing reflections in those I have attracted to me.

* I have had some massive shifts within, while travelling, from greater faith and trust in others and the universe and its support for me and my path

* I have come to further understand the importance of choice, trusting and refining my intuition and healthy boundaries in use.

^^^Unconditional Love, first of self, has become an even deeper practice, through seeing my reflection in others, present and from a distance, through words, actions, being triggered, giving myself time to reflect, have inner space and speaking my truth, facing uncovered fears and allowing nurture and gentleness with myself for integration, release and deep understanding.

Through these experiences, letting go of the interactions, people and things which do not serve the highest good, picking my time, words and environment for the energy needed of me. Finding inner forgiveness for my own downfalls and those I have projected onto others.

Removing the layers and patterns of conditioned love takes time, from the close bonds and interactions I have had with some amazing men on my journey I have worked at finding a balance of love, shared freely without condition and binding of expectation and need of validation. I am passionate and curious to see, experience and write more about the unfolding, I am learning with this realm of discussion. 

– The people who have hurt me the most from my past back home are the ones who have been my greatest mirrors and teachers to see where I can grow and love deeper of myself and all else, within reason of my actions, energy and time spent. For this lesson no matter how hard it was I am so so so grateful to these people, even though my stories and wounds still have some work to heal, if I rise above the stories and circumstances, the meanings and messages still benefit me in the long run.
– Leaving and pushing certain people away has gifted me greater insight into my shadows and parts I unconsciously refused to see, where I was not supporting myself and letting others reflect the same, where I was not forgiving myself and where I was not letting go of that which I knew I should.

“Let the sound you send out be equal to that you wish to receive, for your vibration attracts the like in return, know your hearts song.” – Cynthia Destiny Jauch

As we move through our lives we make lots of sound, our thoughts, our words, our actions, they reverberate our souls message to the cosmic theater, calling to us what we want to attract, from what we choose to be as a song in the great orchestra of life on this plane.

Make sure to sing the song of your soul and to rightfully attract it back to you and your life. Don’t be confused when the song you receive back isn’t the one you wanted, learn to align your song and message to your souls desires and path to success. Shed your self of the sounds and songs of others, so you can clearing play your message and let it reach the greatest distance back to source, to our love, our soul, our infinite potential.

Be your hearts song, let your actions be the instrument and your voice, thoughts and experiences be the harmony and melody for your life. Your vibration is unique, don’t dull it will the lows and highs of others desires and sounds, keep true to your song, from in your heart. Allow yourself to attract that which you truly are.

Be the things you wish for, share them, think them, shout them with love. Your message is important. It helps the orchestra of the galaxy play in a harmonious and powerful play. Listen in silence to know your inner calling, your path, your message and your unique hearts song.”

I confess I have learnt where I have projected the version of me I wish to show over the version I am at and although it helps to pursue a higher place, value and presentation, I wish to be more authentic and love where I am at in the NOW on each point of my journey through life, I have made mistakes, hurt people because of lack of awareness, I have learnt from my actions, energy and words, aspired to as quickly as noticed apologize and take responsibility for them. I am far from perfect and although it may look like a perfect trip, holiday and travel, I am doing the work, it has not been glamorous, easy or without massive pain, but far worth it for the magic, expansion and wonderful experiences and people I have met. For the radical abundance and generosity of friends and strangers, which I feel so blessed to have received.
My ability to adapt, evolve and grow has excelled and continued to sky rocket despite all the new areas I have uncovered to keep progressing, remembering and healing.
Through this time I feel both so thankful and honored, for those men I have come to be around and close to have healed so much in me, for them sharing, being vulnerable, being gentle, reflecting and taking responsibility for their part, being open and compassionate with me when I was emotional and helping to co create a loving space, which has been a catalyst for healing and growth for us all.
I am NOW even more committed to the inner work, setting new standards for how I present my energy and self, how I impact and affect the outer world, more passionate to see the vision of peace I sense being here on earth, shared NOW and collectively bridging heaven with earth.
Facebook LIVE from my recent video reflection:
The Power of a Hard Truth!
How it can benefit you.
How to leverage it.Plus weekly global reading for 14th – 20th.
To those amazing souls who read this far, I have come to change and understand my soul so much, that I go by “Destiny” my souls name, for which I am releasing the lessons of Cynthia (my birth name) thanking it for its lessons and understanding and moving to a new vibration which resonates more to the feeling of “We Are” (Unity) over “I AM” (singular).
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart and Soul.
To my new Mantra which has gotten me through so much:
“Ho’oponopono” (Hawaiian healing process) Translation
I Love You
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you.

“Hoʻoponopono” is defined in the Hawaiian Dictionary as “mental cleansing: family conferences in which relationships were set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness”’oponopono_cleaning_meditation.htm


In the coming months I will be in Hawaii, based on a massive calling and guidance. I have come to have a deeper understanding on Unity and how within me and those I have connected with my vision can be manifest in this reality.

Much Peace, Love and Light.

Infinite Family

“To glorious travels, adventures and life”
Traveller Destiny

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