The Life of Byron

I loved this and all the content on this page.

Both Feet

I didn’t expect to walk back into this town and feel the same.

I wasn’t clinging to some false hope that a place could do that – teleport you, sooth you, cocoon you back into that state as if the past 3 years had never occurred. As if the dreamer within hadn’t been beaten to a pulp.

But as I sit here in ‘Folk’, the same Byron Bay Café that had become my local, in the same neighborhood I once resided in – the décor updated, the staff changed, the coffee slightly different to what I remember, the pain of separation is evident.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 1.46.20 PM.png

I had the most transformative year in this café, I wrote some of the most impactful words, had the most powerful experiences that changed my entire being and met the most incredible people – some I still connect with to this day. But it will never be…

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