Lean on me Pisa!! 😁

From 12.02.15 12am

As I write tonight I’m more content then ever, well fed, a warm bed, an amazing day and adventure in the future and a trust so strong for living life with passion faith and magic.
But today’s story is for another time. My next destination in the trip was to Pisa. This town was oh so beautiful like the rest, with markets stalls and shops full of souvenirs for tourists and restaurants galore. As per my usual, I got lost on my walk to the hostel. Haha! So I stopped for directions as I felt I was wrong. Surely enough I needed to walk back to the other side of that station.
I met a lovely girl from Delhi studying in Europe who said her boyfriend could help me when I get to India. She was only there for a night but we had an amazing conversation and I hope to go visit her soon.
Seeing the leaning tower was funny as so many people took crazy selfies.
I had to take some.
My first Italian food, Pesto Gnocchi. It was so good at Duomo Piazza Dei Miracoli
I got to listen to some great local music at the markets on my walk back to the hostel.
And yes that is a didgeridoo haha!
I met James from the UK
An awesome young guy with a heart of gold.

After pigging out on Cannoli, Gelato and Chocolate at Mercato Centrale
We went to the markets together after catching the train to Florence.
This is the pushy sales guy trying to force me to try jackets on and then asking me “ok, are you going to buy anything?!” Haha!
Caio lovelies!! 💋💋
Until next time. Michael Angelo’s David next 😉