Romance and Beauty!!

After a short trip back to Stuttgart I got to meet my beautiful Spanish friend Maria for the first time (we met through social media), she bought me a coffee and we had an interesting chat about politics and current affairs, she was so kind to take me back to the hostel, to pick up my things and rushed back to see me off at the train station to Venice. I was so happy I got to meet her.

On the over night train to Venice there was a lovely 22 year old Italian, German boy named Raphael, who spoke with me about language. He was on his way to Venice where he currently lives and was studying English. Our seating cabin only had us so we got to lay down to sleep. Which I think was the best sleep I’ve ever had on a train. The last few days I’ve been well rested, which is great.IMG_9105Once I got to the train station in Venice, I was a bit flustered as I had run out of euros and having trouble with my cards. Everyone was in a hurry and not too friendly. I paid to use the rest room and then luckily my card worked to buy something to eat. The map I had taken a picture of to get to the hotel, was different from the streets around me. After walking around lost and going back to the train station to try and find wifi, a lovely gentlemen from Africa approached me. He took one of my bags and walked with me to a local Internet cafe. In which he insisted on paying for, while I looked up the hotel. Turned out I got off at a different station in the same town (Venezia Mestre) and he knew how to get to Hotel Ariston then. So we left and then got on a bus for 2 stops and he asked for directions until we got there. I was so grateful but tired. My room was very beautiful and finally it was all mine after sharing for a few days. It’s the little things haha!IMG_9107IMG_9106I was so happy to put my things away for a few days and have a warm shower any time I pleased.
The following day I caught the bus to Venice island. IMG_9108IMG_9109It was so romantic all the boats and bridges. There had been a storm overnight and the water levels had risen. So not as many people, but still very busy.IMG_9110There was so many Mask shops and stalls around for Carneval. Which is in the highlight this weekend, once I’ve left.IMG_9114IMG_9115The buildings and views were breathtaking.IMG_9121IMG_9116IMG_9123I was so excited to see the Basilica De San Marco, it was so amazingly stunning, the colors, mosaics images, marble columns and sculptures. I literally can’t find words to describe how intricate, detailed and fascinating each inch of it was. IMG_9117IMG_9119IMG_9118It was requested not to take pictures inside so I reframed to respect that. IMG_9113On my lovely walk back to the bus stop I stumbled upon a Leonardo Da Vinci temporary museum, which I felt lucky for as there are many ways to get to the same place and I had no idea it was there.IMG_9111IMG_9112I felt a lucky girl to fall into one of the best things I could have wanted to see.IMG_9122Tell me about your luck while travelling?

Caio Lovelies, Update soon.
Be well xx