St Valentine..

Do you know the story of valentine’s day? I will fill you in on a little about this day which is celebrated globally by lovers every year.

“Saint Valentine, officially Saint Valentine of Terni, is a widely recognized third-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and associated since the High Middle Ages with a tradition of courtly love.”

Truth be told there is a lot of debate about who was the real St Valentine, the holiday is after.

Here is an article with more about him: 6 Surprising Facts about St Valentine

It was no accident that I was in Rome on Valentine’s day, when it is to celebrate a roman Saint, some may call it divine. As I felt I was guided with perfect universal love my whole trip.

The day rolled out as magical as can be, heading to see the ruins of the Coliseum and also the Roman Forum, it was a fun filled day with many selfies, laughter and adventure, for me and my travel buddy Edgar.



As we set out in the morning full of excitement we caught a bus to the ancient ruins to learn and see stories of times long passed. We searched for a while looking for where to get tickets and was approached by too many people offering tours, after some time we decided to get a tour with a group which also included the Forum, which would be guided by another person. Little did we know that person was someone we needed to meet for our magical day to unfold.



We continued on our tour, seeing the ancient sights of the old times battles and soldiers. I then set a challenge for us to make things more fun, that the person with the most adventurous phot and most likes on facebook, would win and the other one paid for dinner. So we went on our way getting selfies and photos of each other. I decided I would definitely win, by climbing over the fence at the top and getting a photo of me dangling my feet off the edge, quickly before the security saw. After some thought Edgar decided to do the same, not wanting to be out done by me haha. As we continued adventuring I saw a gate and a path up to a great look out spot, so I crawled under and climbed up the side, with my friend on look out from security, as people walked passed asking him if he knew me and calling me crazy. I just laughed and he pretended he didn’t know me. As I reached the top, I needed to be careful as I realized where I thought I could stand was actually unstable and a drop of the edge to the bottom of the ruins. A few pictures on and I rushed down and slide under the gate, then we made our way to meet the group for the next adventure.



We always fell behind the group taking many selfies and laughing about many things. The next guide was an English man named Jonathan, who was delightful. He effortlessly engaged the group, shared interesting information and waited for everyone to catch up. He had a family with two little kids and a lovely wife. After our fun filled adventure, hearing about ancient things, finding out about the fall and rise of civilizations and the hidden mysteries still to be discovered. At the end of the tour, Jonathan, mentioned an awesome night church tour he was doing and we thought why not, When in Rome, and on Valentine’s day with NO plans, so we Literally ran back to the hostel, I needed to change hostels as the room I was in was booked out and I was playing it all by the seat of my pants, I checked in to the new hostel and we ran like crazy people to the meeting place of the night tour.



As we reach the meeting spot, puffed and looking around for the group, we get worried when we have no luck. After a few circles around the site, we see the group and happily run to catch them before they leave, at the big pillar near some fanciful architecture and more ruins of Rome. Jonathan was happy to see us. We make our way to the first church, and I feel reminded of being on a school excursion, me and Edgar giggle away. On the way, there is roads being blocked off by police, we had noticed this on the streets leading towards our meeting location but did not know why. We were informed there was a protest to be had and there was police everywhere and people watching, there was colourful smoke and we all watched as passing on our way to the first stop. We sneak past and go into the church; it was very dark inside, with candles. Jonathan leads us all to different rooms and we hear about the history of this old and sacred place. Edgar and I get a photo in a hole in the ground and make our way around in a bit of an awe hearing about the way this building came to be. I could sense a mystery in the air and everyone whispered in the group, as a sign of respect. We limited our photos as to not disturb any of the church attendees or priests.



At one of the locations we heard about St Peter and where he was held captive before he was killed. We got to stand in one of the rooms he was held as a prisoner. On our way we got to see one of the places that Michelangelo was buried, apparently his body moved many times as to keep secret the real location. I found this quite peculiar. As our mission to discover more churches and secrets of Rome continues, we are told about the water fountains and the underground ruins that are still being found, that after the area became re occupied and civilization grew, the land was built on over the top of the ruins. Jonathan told us about a friend of his that rented a place under one of the theatre arenas, which is now a cinema in commemoration, in this rented room, there was a wall that had begun to fall and behind it was ancient ruins. It was an interesting story; apparently it devalued the rent haha, for falling apart even though it was special and cool. Jonathan said his friend liked using it to impress girls he took home haha.



At the end of our adventure we were taken to an area that all the locals where, to see some fountains and to get a taste of some of the best food and wine in Rome, and probably Italy. What a perfect way to end this day. Edgar and I got friendly with Johnathan and a family from the states and we decided to all have dinner at Jonathan’s favourite place. Everyone thought me and Edgar were a couple haha, as we got along so well and knew each other’s stories, from all the time we had spent together. We all ordered amazing food and had the best wine, I hadn’t drank in over twelve months as I had given it up for spiritual growth and well-being, but when in Rome, and on valentine’s day, I made an exception. I was sharing about my amazing journey so far and the lovely couple asked me if my mum was worried about me travelling alone, I commenced to tell them of her passing and my adventures from a soul calling and they were very impressed by my bravery. I told the family I would come visit them in America soon and after we all finished our food and wine and amazing chats, Anthony the father of the family paid for me and Edgars food and wine, I nearly cried, I was so grateful. More angels that showed up on my trip, the girls giggled as me and Edgar graciously thanked them and they said they want to be at our Wedding, me and Edgar cracked up laughing and smiled at each other.


We all hugged and parted ways and Edgar and I walked back to the dorm. He went to Pompeii the following day and I did my own thing. I felt a little said, missing his laughter and jokes and we caught up that night for drinks to say good bye and to hang out with some of the people at the hostel we made friends with. I met the amazingly wise young American girl here. It was her 21st and she had come from her studies in Amsterdam to Rome for her birthday. We partied the night away and Edgar paid for everyone’s drinks. I got to dance like I hadn’t in such a long time it was amazing.



To be continued…

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When in Rome! 

A bit of a long one. I got to the train station in the evening and made my way to The Yellow Hostel to check in, which is apparently the biggest party hostel in Rome. I unpacked my stuff and had a shower before bed.
On the wall at the hostel.

After a good sleep I lay next to the beautiful fountain near the hostel in the sun, listening to the water and the traffic go by, absorbing where I am. Some locals walking past laughed and I herd a loud tour group, but lay happy with my eyes closed and a smile on my face. So content.

Later in the afternoon I made my way towards the Colisseum and saw some great ruins on the way. 
There was a Spider-man blowing bubbles and a million foreigners screaming Selfie! at every corner to sell selfie sticks, which was funny and frustrating at the same time. I definitely didn’t buy one.

On my way back to the hostel I was thinking about how much I missed my motorbike and as crossing the street was checking out a nice bmw bike. The rider pulled over and waved me to him. 
So I walked over and tried to talk to him but he didn’t speak much English. His name was Paulo and he asked me to coffee. I thought why not and he gave me his helmet and we went to get coffee. 
While drinking coffee and having biscuits we realized the language barrier was tough, so he took out his phone and used google translate. He told me he was a policeman and asked if I was hungry and wanted to go get pizza. After a brief chat we went to get pizza. I felt a little uncomfortable as he was and least twice my age and things seemed to get a bit awkward when he was asking me about touch in between playing with his wedding ring. I should have known (thinking the best of people doesn’t always make things so). He told me he has 4 grandchildren and he found out about my mums passing and felt really bad. Some of his friends saw him and he acted very awkward. Still using google transfer he asked if I wanted to see some of Rome and I said yes. So after dinner we went for a ride around town and to a big look out of the city. It was amazing. 
At this point he was talking about romance and held my hand and tried to kiss me. I moved away and said no. He was persistent and I thought it was very funny and also very awkward. I had to explain I wasn’t interested in that and it made me miss someone special back home and I was very lucky things went my way and I was taken to my hostel with out to much convincing. One of the funniest and awkward experiences I’ve had for a long time. 
The following day I went to book a few more days at the hostel. And noticed a guy there before me and on my walk to my room in the building across the road I was stopped by him to chat. He asked me if I wanted a coffee so we went and chatted, clearly not having learnt my lesson haha! His name was Max an actor/director from Delhi. He was very charming, apparently he’d run away for the weekend to get away from the stress and no one new where he was. We decided to hang out after I did a few things in town and he walked me to my room, which was empty. Then yet again I had a guy try to seduce me. After I said no and he seemed ok with that. I went to get some stamps to post some cards to people, on my way I was stopped by someone selling tours to the places I wanted to see. So I went and spoke to him after I posted my cards.
I was set to see the colosseum, Vatican City and Pompeii. That evening I met Edgar from the U.S he was a bright and bubbly character getting along with everyone in the kitchen at the hostel. I mentioned about my tour and he agreed to meet in the morning and come with me to book his. 
He is the funniest friend I will ever have. The most amazing adventure we had at the Sistine Chapel
And then I lost our tickets to the colosseum and we ended up having Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and so much cappuccino.

These seagulls were literally huge.   

The next day we went to the colosseum. Which was so fun. On Valentine’s Day.

There are more photos on my page on facebook and Instagram if you’d like to check them out 

To be continued.
Caio lovelies xx 

Lean on me Pisa!! 😁

From 12.02.15 12am

As I write tonight I’m more content then ever, well fed, a warm bed, an amazing day and adventure in the future and a trust so strong for living life with passion faith and magic.
But today’s story is for another time. My next destination in the trip was to Pisa. This town was oh so beautiful like the rest, with markets stalls and shops full of souvenirs for tourists and restaurants galore. As per my usual, I got lost on my walk to the hostel. Haha! So I stopped for directions as I felt I was wrong. Surely enough I needed to walk back to the other side of that station.
I met a lovely girl from Delhi studying in Europe who said her boyfriend could help me when I get to India. She was only there for a night but we had an amazing conversation and I hope to go visit her soon.
Seeing the leaning tower was funny as so many people took crazy selfies.
I had to take some.
My first Italian food, Pesto Gnocchi. It was so good at Duomo Piazza Dei Miracoli
I got to listen to some great local music at the markets on my walk back to the hostel.
And yes that is a didgeridoo haha!
I met James from the UK
An awesome young guy with a heart of gold.

After pigging out on Cannoli, Gelato and Chocolate at Mercato Centrale
We went to the markets together after catching the train to Florence.
This is the pushy sales guy trying to force me to try jackets on and then asking me “ok, are you going to buy anything?!” Haha!
Caio lovelies!! 💋💋
Until next time. Michael Angelo’s David next 😉

My fav place so far. Verona!

I got lost on the way to my Slumber place haha!! because my phone had died again and had to practice my Italian asking for directions, which was good.
It was a wet time here but so far my favorite place. I was so blessed I had an umbrella which a lovely, generous guy from the Venice markets (I met the day before) had bought me that morning (it was red and matched my jacket).
I had such a warm welcome from Gianni at the Juliette House B and B, he made me a tea and gave me slowly a quick run down, directions and what to see (including cheap local places to eat), a free map, offered cookies and told me to make myself at home.
There was 2 young girls staying there that night also, whom had been studying in Amsterdam but were from Argentina. One of them (only 22) was having a super mature conversation with me about traveling and the different cultures and people you meet. She was so sweet and told me the chat we had helped her with some concerns, going back home after 6 months.
I got to meet up with a friend of a friend that night at 9pm. We met at Loui Vuitton near the Coliseum
And then went to this darling little restaurant covered in things from all over the world, it had so much culture. We met two of his friends, a Canadian teacher (she was so lovely) and her Russian friend (I can’t remember where he worked). We spoke of dating, heart break, travel and they gave me some great advice of food places to eat at haha!!
It was so lovely being out at night, first time on the trip and first time in Italy.
Something I noticed both in Venice and here was a little sad, to see such beauty in Art, Culture and History but to have so much changed for Tourism and consumerism. I wonder what the ancestors of these places would feel about this.
What are your thoughts?
The Clock tower and Art Gallery.
My notes from the gallery
The emotion, frames and paint oil and water, the strokes and
Sculptures- My favorites, a half naked lady and children (boy carving puppy on tree branch and a girl knitting and reading), a Room- stories, metal work, wooden sculpting, frames, religious images and angels (heads), Demons. Paintings, gold. The perversity, rawness and promiscuity of the art was so intriguing. I want to know more of the stories behind these works. Feeling so enriched with life and so overwhelmed by emotion, culture and history.
View from the tower
The Juliette house was so sweet. Where Romeo and Juliette was set.
Notes all over the walls
My train from Verona to Milan was delayed for over an hour due to snow, but it was good to sit and think, I got to read and relax while eating some chocolate cookies I had bought, haha!! It was only a short train for a few hours.
I didn’t stay long in Milan as i was strapped for cash and plan to come back to see lake Maggigore and Loco. It’s a bit industrial but still has some beautiful landscapes and architecture like the rest of Europe.
After just over a week of traveling and nearly running out of money. You just start to appreciate every little thing. Like a place to put your bags down to rest your back and legs, someone who speaks English for a laugh, a warm bed and shower and a little privacy when you get it. Traveling is great for appreciating the little things.
Tell me about your favorite thing to appreciate while traveling?

Caio lovelies. Update soon.
Be well xx