I can’t believe I’m here

IMG_7827Yesterday was amazing, I arrived in Zurich Airport at 6am. My broken sleep didn’t matter as I was too excited. I watched “Good morning Vietnam”, which was brilliantly hilarious and also sad (I haven’t seen it before :O). After a 7 hour stop over in Singapore and a 14 hour flight I was still pumped for new sites to see but I was very surprised at how quite people were on the plane, I enjoyed the peace of limiting my speech and most people spoke german and little English, opportunity to learn (as my last name is German) it will help once I get there tomorrow. One I found my feet I caught a train for 1 hour to Lucerne and as soon as I saw the snow I was in awe of it pure beauty (I had never seen real snow). All I could think was “I can’t believe I’m actually here”. IMG_7828IMG_7935 After a look around the train station I attempted to make my way to my home stay, with a little difficulty not having any phone service or data, I got some help from a friendly local and managed the rest of the way. IMG_7884My beautiful home stay host, Marlis was such a gem, she was so welcoming and we had a lovely chat. She also made me tea, lunch and gave me some chocolate, then proceeded to drop me in the city where I went to the museum. IMG_7866Sammlung Rosengart of art was spectacular, Picasso’s work was mesmerizing and so many other talented artists. I had a wonderful walk around and think after speaking to the lovely receptionist. IMG_7818IMG_7816 I had an amazing walk around looking at the sites and felt so blissful with my surroundings on the walk home.IMG_7868
Caio lovelies..
Update soon 😁💖❄️