And I’m off – It’s the big day!


First stop Changi Airport in Singapore. Stop over for 7 hours after a 7 hour flight, gives you heaps of time to think.
Gee!! the airline gives you so much food, I was starting to think they were trying to fatten me up haha!!

I had a nice sleep, no one was sitting next to me and I got to watch Pompeii, gotta love John Snow (shout out to all my GOT fans 😉 ) He is so very handsome and a sweetie in his roles.

Had to get a bathroom selfie to fill in some time haha! What do you think?


I had fun checking out the cactus garden and a few other gardens. I went for an awesome swim at the airport before being somewhere too cold to enjoy it.

I’m so very excited to see the snow, can’t believe it’s taken so long to make it happen. What is you’re favorite memory of the snow?

Tell me about your experiences traveling and long stop overs in airports? What did you do to fill in time?

Fun Mickey around the airport 😁


Be well, be free, be you.

Until next time 🌏💖