The power of NOW!

This is a different post from usual, it’s in my experience and realization of now and not the past few days or week.

Im stopped over in Athens on my way to India and staying in hostel tonight. I haven’t showered in 2 days and have had 7 hours of broken sleep in 36 hours.
While sitting at the airport and on the train I was thinking about how my comfort and happiness is now coming from within despite my surroundings and I adapt and find a sense of peace even though I haven’t been meditating daily. I feel safe and content at any point, place and time and the world has reflected that in the people I meet and experiences Ive had.
Even though I’ve lost my voice and I’ve got a cold I feel like I know what to do to take care of my self in each situation and find an easy solution when difficulty arises. Not that I didn’t before but it’s at a new level. I eat food I don’t usually, which I still enjoy, try new things without fuss and I manage to communicate to people who don’t speak English and make friends. All the while staying true to my values and self, even when sleep deprived, busting for a toilet or hungry.

My trip has opened my view more in three weeks then I could have hoped and I feel so rewarded for the leap to leave with much unplanned. To be able to make what felt like a distant dream my present reality and I’m so grateful to the universe for supporting me, the many amazing and lovely people I’ve met and the beautiful people in Australia who helped this become a reality, especially 2 of my Amazing sisters, a good friend that is the best support anyone could ever imagine, my sister in law to be for acceptance and guidance and the advice of many family and friends. I could not have imagined my self being the person I am now and how wow! my time has been so far.
Thank you really doesn’t suffice for what I’ve gained, the experience and lessons I’ve learnt. I really urge anyone considering to do the same as me to make it happen any way you can. I sold most of my belongings and left Australia with a heap of debt and little money.
In spite of the money I owe, I can’t say I’ve really thought much about money, I have given away too much to count for tips, to beggars, postcards to loved ones and birthday presents for when I return and to give something else to show my gratitude to certain people I’ve met. I haven’t attempted to do things luxuriously though, like waking long distances with a lot of luggage sometimes in the snow and eating things I don’t believe are good for me, sleeping at airports (even though it was an experience and I made friends), taking longer trains to save money and sleeping on them in between changes of train and sometimes choosing not to have dinner. All though I’ve never felt like I’ve missed out or been hard done by, I’ve enjoyed everything and look forward to the rest of my trip.
Caio lovelies xx