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 Aloha Beloved Ohana,
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Here is the low down of the book:
“The Spiritual Nomad’s Guide to Life” Book:
A book of Stories, Wisdom and Practical Life Tools from 12 Spiritual Nomads, whom have gone far and wide to find themselves, gain wisdom, healing, transformation and truth.
To share with the many and give space for prosperity and acknowledgement to those doing deep inner work and trusting their heart and calling.
Writers in industries of many healing and therapy fields, both genders.
Magical stories from all over the world. Set in 22 chapters – 22-66 tools/tips, Themes of Chapters following the Major Arcana of the Tarot (The Story of Life to Ascension).

 More details on book:


T.rust – NOW
R.espect – ALL
U.tilize – EXPANSION
T.ransform – REALITY
H.eaven in – YOU

* Void, stillness, observer before observing (0. Invisible) – ZERO – Fool

* Know thy self (All in ALL, alone = All ONE) – ONE – The Magician

* Balance in (beyond duality, polar alignment, yin and yang) – TWO – The High Priestess.

* Spirit, Mind, Body harmony (Holy Trinity, Mother, father, child) -THREE – The Empress.

* Direction clear, (4th vibe, Elements, seasons, points on a cube, direction basic N,E,W,S ) – where is your heart? 4th chakra, earth is the heart of this solar system. Dimensional rebalance. – FOUR – The Emperor.

* Expand beyond, star of pentagram, sacred number of transformation. – FIVE – Hierophant.

* Sacred expression, sensation, human being, physicality. – SIX – The Lovers.

* Gratefulness, heavenly realization. – SEVEN – The Chariot.

(Some of the “Journey of life”)

More revealed in the Book.


Some insights, from my journey:

Loving Travel because: you learn things that you may never learn in any other way.

– How to gracefully move through some limited mindsets, to keep calm in chaotic times, as travel affects you on all levels and to some limits and chaotic places, inside and outside.
– Being prepared for the worst. – Like taking toilet paper with you hahaha.
– Interesting things from hitch hiking, finding resources from seemingly nowhere, how deeply you are supported when you take leaps of faith.
– You meet so many amazing and generous people.
– You smash boundaries and find much healthier ones.
– You find some interesting ways to overcome things and become more self sufficient.
– You learn how to plan in flow and be flexible.
– Your people skills and awareness grows.
– You get to understand yourself on a deeper level.


There will be some of my secrets of travel in this book:

Would you think you could make money from hitch hiking?

In the last 3 months alone I have been given over $100 combined, by multiple angels and I have been given a phone and food as well, I’ve been offered tents, had meals bought for me and offered places to stay. Usually all by answering the questions I was asked and people wishing me well on my travels and journey.

This is an example of being in a place of gratitude, trust and allowing of support.

Never once did I ask. I had my hand out for a lift and all else was offered. Being humble and grateful for the support to get to where I was going.

There are so many good people in this world (especially in Kauai), you begin to feel and see the goodness, when fear is released and observed without attachment.

It’s not the quickest way to travel and in the rain can be more of a challenge, however I feel so honored and grateful for the experience and the blessings and wisdom it has taught me, as well as the opportunity to grow myself.


If you want to share your own experiences or see more in depths tips go to The Spiritual Nomad’s Guide to Life Book and Blog, for update on our upcoming, collaborative blog. More ways to support “Spiritual Nomads”

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Bless – Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo

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“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

With Peace, Love and Light.
❤Namaste – Infinite blessings

Destiny Fae

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Intuitive Medium, Transformation Coach, Healing Facilitator, Poetry, Writer/Author, Inspirational Speaker, Thought Leader and New Earth Visionary.

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The Spider and the Moon: Ceremony/Tips on Signs

The Spider and the Moon: Ceremony/Tips on Signs

11th March, The Full moon in Kauai is very powerful tonight, it is a Virgo moon (the Corn Mother), I have had many signs come forth today, a day of highs and lows, some confronting times and some of inner peace and release.

The amplification of the energies on earth right NOW, to shed, purge, heal and release and rise, are at an all-time high, I feel especially in Kauai and the Hawaiian Islands. A few months back I was told that Kauai is the place on earth that souls enter and exit, this rung true and resonated with me. My recent experiences with life’s and death’s, and connecting to the deceased of those who have crossed my path and babies not yet born, it has brought such an array of colors and variety to life’s difficulties and treasures.

The spider visited me many times today and I feel it quite divine, my message to write, if I haven’t creatively for some time. The animals all around us giving such meaning, wisdom and guidance to life; our physical guides and messengers of mother nature, all connected very strongly to the collective field, unaware of the separation we are under the illusion of. I want to offer a show of respect to the spider and the moon, to offer up delight and wonder for all those lives they have touched and shifted. For we are all connected and the blessed ones we who feel this.

The messages are coming through very loudly as the higher 5th dimensional energies ground more into GAIA: Article’s about this;







So I write under the full moon of tonight, in the sacred space of Kauai, in the humble shared home of a shaman, who has just blessed me with the touch of an eagle feather. The message of the eagle is for journey and wisdom on the path, a full spin back to one of my favourite places in Australia, just before I left to embark on this trip across the world, to have a greater understanding of Unity. I was on a couch with a blanket thrown over the side, with an image of an eagle on it, oblivious to this until I was streaming live on facebook, sharing and explaining the meanings of our spirit animals, preparing for my trip to the United States. Over 5 months ago now, seems like yesterday, I have felt at home at so many places, but here tonight under this full moon, I have never felt more at home, in this humble shack, with family of sweet and pure Nicolle (so psychic and full of courage), Megeso (Eagle) so wise and gentle (shaman with an amazing vision for global peace, sovereignty and balance) and Dylan with his magical eyes and generous and protective soul (surely a starship captain and king from interstellar, related with me I sense so deep).


VIDEO MENTIONED ABOVE from 6 months ago: https://www.facebook.com/cynthia.jauch444/videos/10154486883941779/

Earlier today on several occasions I heard a gecko and yesterday after a group mediation looked up to see one on the wall in front of me, the message of this animal is about being aware and conscious of your dreams, to look for signs and guidance there to help assist you. Could you benefit from understanding your dreams more?

For Dream Therapy and Tips on Understanding your Dreams:

www.thedirecttap.com www.margaretsramko.com

As I sit in this space of magic and wonder, Megeso plays a flute and hums in the background, the power of the music, the releasing and healing, the freedom and expansion. Tonight, I was bought and made dinner by Dylan before he left to meditate on the beach. I have been so blessed and touched by the profound support, love and acceptance in this space, this place is marvelous and surreal. I wonder how will I ever leave, I trust and know when flow guides me to even more trust and knowing of the energy I will always have within and take with me wherever I go.

I reflect on the magnetic pull, the calling to release, I shed some tears today, for deep within called to be shed and release, old pains and new beginnings, as my angel cards foretold, not 20 minutes ago Megeso repeated the words of the angels from the cards this morning “You are stronger than you realize”, this rung loud in my soul. The strength mentioned was within gentleness, surrender and allowing, in contrast to our common cultured strength is harsh and hard. I resound through my being, to sit and be in gentle bliss, I call to release all that is unaligned to this.

In writing earlier I shared for myself to be conscious and intent on what I wish to release this full moon and what I wish to receive, in common practice, new moon is about release and full moon is about receive, but something guided me to do both as all the energies uniting are coming out of the duality and division.

Link for Full moon Ceremonies:

Here is what I put down for this:

Full moon Releasing:

I AM Releasing ALL:

  • insecurities about self and attachment to beliefs, feelings, or programs of unworthiness.
  • need, want or desire for validation from others to feel and know my wholeness and divinity.
  • Addictions and unhealthy habits of the body and lower self, for divine and nourishing and sacred actions and being.
  • Desires of having to bare the weight of the world on my shoulders to be doing something meaningful.
  • Imbalances in self and duality/separation consciousness.
  • Frustrations of any kind.
  • Lower vibrational frequencies, to embody heaven on earth at the soonest possible time.
  • Judgements of self and others, to see as better or worse.
  • Unforgiveness and feelings of hurt or victim role from how others have treated me, or affected me.
  • And any attachments to lower thought forms, energies, stories, patterns, programs and limitations for expansion, love and evolution with ease and grace.
  • Heavy and weighed down feelings.
  • That does not serve me.
  • Fat cells not full of love and for health and fulfilment.
  • Karma, from all relationships, parallel lives, and fractal selves.

Full moon Receiving:

I AM Receiving:

  • New empowerment
  • New Love
  • New inner light
  • New Levels of gentleness and self love
  • Highly amazing levels of financial, material and spiritual and emotional abundance, for me and to share with all.
  • Deeper connections.
  • Higher awareness with ease and grace
  • Greater capacity to embody love and heaven on earth.
  • Greater clarity on my path and even more efficiency and flow with all ideas coming to form and manifestation in collaboration.
  • A sense of greater grounding, balance, surrender, serenity and flow.
  • All that is waiting to be received. From my collective good karma, I receive it all now.
  • Higher upgrades and integration of 5th dimensional and above energy and light.
  • More conscious clarity and awareness of my connection and ability to access the Akasha and Telepathic communication.
  • Higher guidance and support and clear communication from angels, my guides, spirit animals, ancestors, and ascended masters.

What will you release this time of cycle? What will you allow yourself to receive?

What magic is all around you?


(Note: the name of the above image has Artemis in it, Synchronicity)

VIDEO ON M3 – (Magic, Manifesting and Meditation): https://www.facebook.com/cynthia.jauch444/videos/10154547281891779/

What messages have the animal spirit guides come to teach you?

Meanings on the below sites:


Ultimate Guide to Spirit Animals


Share with me your experience, I am excited to hear.

I have some simple tips on reading the signs around you and how to use them for clarity and guidance on your path:

  • What words and names show up a lot? – could you look into their meaning; how would that relate to your need or prayer or thoughts right now?
  • What animals do you see most? What qualities do they hold? What medicine do they have for you?
  • Be conscious of the connections seemingly non related. What could they mean?
  • How are your feelings physical and emotional giving messages and wisdom of something deeper?
  • Right a dream journal and set the intention to remember your dreams and sit In retrieval to right them down when you wake up, or record your voice explaining them. (Above link on Dream Therapy is Great)
  • Listen to the things people say around you, especially those strangers you don’t know. Often SPIRIT works through those around you even if they are unconscious of it, we all have god within us.
  • If you have a strong question, write it down and meditate on it (close eyes and breathe while holding it in your mind’s eye, surrender it and allow an answer to come through) – Also if you have some Oracle Cards or know someone who does and you can borrow them, use oracle cards, or go see a reader or psychic, (I also offer these services here: inspiredestiny.com.au and Pre Order for the “Trinity of Destiny” Cards I am releasing soon: Inspire Destiny Facebook for more details)

Video on intuition and ways to understand it:


The spider weaves her creative web of life, making beautiful designs full of wisdom and wonder. How are you being creative? How could you be more creative today or soon?

Some stories of the spider: http://myths.e2bn.org/mythsandlegends/userstory1610-the-myth-of-the-spider.html

Snippet of above article: “Once upon a time, there was a temple to which many people went to pray to the Buddha. A spider made a net on the beams. As time went by, the spider was edified and received wisdom.

All of a sudden, one day, the Buddha came to the temple. Inadvertently he saw the spider. He asked her:” You have lived here and thought for one thousand years, I want to ask you a question.” The spider was glad that the Buddha would speak to her, so she promised to reply. The Buddha said: “What do you think is the most precious thing?” The spider answered:”I think the most precious thing is what I can’t get and what I have lost.” The Buddha left without a word.”


My birth name Cynthia is linked to the Greek Moon Goddess Artemis (so I have always been very connected to the moon)

This is the translation:

Cynthia is a feminine given name of Greek origin: Κυνθία, Kynthía, “from Mount Cynthus” on Delos island. It can be abbreviated as Cindy or as Cyndy. There are various spellings for this name.

Cynthia was originally an epithet of the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis, who according to legend, was born on Mount Cynthus. Selene, the Greek personification of the Moon, and the Roman Diana (by way of their identification with Artemis) were also sometimes called “Cynthia”.

2 Years to Mexico

2 Years to Mexico:

“A Journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

Your birth is that first step…

After many beautiful sunrises and sunsets all over the world and full moon magic so many places.


(Dating back to December) From the beautiful town of Rosarito Mexico (country number 12 in 2 years) I offer a journey of my own, from only 2 years, as it has been the fullest experiences of my life, for I take that step out of bed each day, with the intent to be my best and live life to the fullest.

There was a time a few years back where I was tired, sick, depressed, anxious and lonely…..at both 10 and 17 I attempted to end my life.

I was grateful, I was opening and surrendering to my purpose, I would give all of my self and was slowly cracking open to a new world, a new life and a new being, like the phoenix rising from the ashes….. My intuition began to grow, in some intense ways, from hearing others thoughts to seeing premonitions.

My mother was sick with cancer and I had a full-time job, achieving all the things I had thought I was meant to, single though with no time for love or my nurture being met, in debt, with no supportive person in sight, many nights I cried myself to sleep, praying for guidance. One day, enough was enough, I made a promise to myself, that each day I would live life as though it was a dream, to face fear head on and follow my heart. This day was the turning point and all else became magic, even in the challenges.

Through this time I was a boss, a worker, a business owner….
I became a speaker, and spoke all over the world, my truth and passion, to different crowds of people, from poetry of the heart to channeled messages from the stars and tips and lessons for growth and authenticity.

I have been called a liar, a fraud, a bad friend, fat, ugly, hated, an attention seeker and much more horrible names, all which I have forgiven. I always aspired to be honest and the best self I could be, growing up I was told I was too nice, but continued to move and act in service and love to my best awareness. For words can cut so deep, at times I believed these pains of others as my own, until I realized we all hold our own truth and universe to create and share.

I have lost so many friends, been kicked out by family, had some really harsh and nasty things happen to me, even in my youth, I have been beaten, as an adult sexually abused and much more. But none of this makes my choices and decides my destiny or my worth.

I have been so blessed and gifted with the experiences I have had.
Shortly after my dear mother passed I set out on a journey, later to be known as the philosophers path, money showed up at the last minute to make this dream a reality, each night I went to bed and looked at my vision board, seeing and feeling my travels all over the world a reality and knowing in my heart of hearts I would be rewarded for all the nights I had suffered and still faced each day with new hope, respect and service. I had since quit my full time job, after my mother passed, after suffering exhaustion and severe hormonal imbalance from a long time of neglecting what my body was calling for, love, kindness, gentleness and peace. There was some misunderstandings and my leadership and innovation did not suit the norms of a huge corporate business, even one that was created on ethical principles.


I am not going to share every step along this journey for I know you have your own stories and experiences of magic and hardship, but some details I am guided to share.

I had the common childhood of a middle child, in a big family with catholic parents, so my indoctrination into systems and all the do’s and don’ts in life was deep. This caused so much guilt and anxiety through puberty and feelings of unworthiness and being bad.

Since my mother’s passing 2 years ago and my commitment to live each day to the fullest I have lived many of my long time dreams in only 2 years:

Climbed many mountains and visited many magical beach’s, became a motorbike rider, I learned to surf, I got to go skydiving, walk on hot coals. be surrounded by 1000’s of dolphins in the middle of the ocean, paragliding next to the Himalayas, ride a camel from the Great Pyramids to the Sphinx in Egypt, See the Taj Mahal in India, Witness some of the greats of Europe – Leaning tower of Pisa, Colosseum (dangled my feet off the edge) and the Vatican, volunteered in India and spent time in half the states of North America and Most states of Australia, I have been on motorbikes in India, Nepal, Australia, Italy and Watched the sunrise in Uluru one of the most sacred lands and sights in Australia after hitch hiking across the country, visited so many sacred sites, been part of a prayer ceremony in North Dakota and on the Ganges in India, been to the birthplace of Buddha and tracked the Sacred lands of Sedona Arizona, walked along Hollywood walk of fame and many other places and not to mention all the amazing and magical food I have tasted.

I started writing many novels (Traveller Destiny – Destinies Journey to name a few (Details on release here) and wrote in my 3 blogs and publishing poetry, expanding my business and building an amazing team, collaborating with some outstanding way showers and soul family and learning from some brilliant children.

I have seen the likes of Oprah, Hugh Jackman and Stevie Wonder live on stage, shared ceremonies and rituals with shamans and chiefs, shared stories and music with elders of different countries.

I have met, pixies, wizards, angels, ET’s, sages, shamanes, chiefs, unicorns, dolphins (in human form), mystics and so many magical and wise beings, all whom have taught me so much.

I have held my passing mother in my arms and watched her pass on, I have cried until I nearly threw up, held babies so small in awe of their magic, held hurt and dying animals close with love and comfort, stood naked in front of many and bared my soul to be seen, I have peed my pants, fallen and broke down, screamed and yelled, hurt myself in frustration, crashed my car, lost parts of my mind, thought I was going to die from not being able to breathe, been in hospital nearly dying and more wins and wounds, I have laughed, cried, sang and danced to my hearts content all over the world, without any apologies.

I have opened myself up so much to be seen, to be hurt, to be loved, and to love myself and others so deeply, I have been very deeply heart broken and feel the pains of those close and far. I have loved so deep it hurt oh so many times, I have been rejected by those I would give my life for, been shut out and shunned.

I have protested for human rights, indigenous rights, animal rights and the land we live on and it’s water, I have stood on the streets for anyone in need of a hug, an ear to listen, someone to care, I have given shirts off my back, blankets and food to the homeless. I surrendered most of my physical possessions and became a gypsy following the call of spirit and being grounded in the NOW.


I have watched the homeless cry and children beg for money, I have slept on the streets on numerous occasions with love and gratitude in my heart. I have held many people through grief, listened and cared when they hurt and shared their pains and challenges with me, trusting me to be strong, to be compassionate.

I had much inner healing, both self and external, from reiki, angel healing, shadow healing, dream therapy, coaching, past life regression, oracle and psychic readings, mind shift work, crystals, gongs, medicine drums and other sound healing, chakra balancing, many meditations on forgiveness and self love, used affirmations and guided meditations and more.

I have been to many seminars and workshops on business, success, life, public speaking, presentations and much more, been to spiritual retreats and had visions of so much deep in meditation and through yoga practices, mudras and chanting.

I opened up my spiritual channels to be a voice for the earth and her children, to channel books, poetry, oracle cards, festivals, documentaries and more.

I have spent months at a time in confinement studying health and wellbeing, philosophy and philosophers, ancient teachings and history, scriptures, religions, crystals, healing and many 100’s of educational books, on business, relationships, personal development and spirituality, also videos, articles and live presentations. With certified study in healing, coaching and many other modalities.

Many jobs as a writer, an assistant, a sales manager, a trainer, a psychic, an oracle, a counselor, a healer and more, as well as being on many radio shows and video interviews for multiple projects.

I have learned to love so deeply, share myself in truth and rawness, without fear of acceptance, hate, judgement or abandonment, in person and online, to so many. I have met the truest and deepest of loves, bonds so deep, magical and unexplainable from other worlds.

I feel I have lived a full life in only two short years of this life. I am so grateful and honored for the 1000’s of souls I have met, shared with, call family, friends and more, for those no longer in my life who I think of very much and those who only crossed my path briefly.

I found my Soul, My Souls Name, My Soul’s Destiny and I found My connection to Spirit/God/Source/Prime Creator.

Through all this the one thing that still scares me the most is being open and vulnerable to be rejected by the ones I love the most, to find such deep within myself to not fear or worry for any needed external. Very rarely in my life do I ever ask for help or will I call a friend in tears, I am often the one called for a shoulder, an ear, a kind word, encouragement and love. For this I go within, to god, christ, the divinity I know we all have within us and always will. This has been a catalyst for some of my greatest transformations and channelings.

I would never give up a single second of this life and experiences no matter how painful, challenging or hard it seemed in those really bad times and to receive the gift of the perseverance and to remain with a kind heart and smile on my face, for me and for those watching who are also suffering and wanting to know it gets better and it does.

I am no different from you, from all of this joy, pain, happiness, sadness and more I have simply learnt we are all beautiful, we are all worthy and powerful, we are all unique and brilliant, we are all seeking our inner truths, love, acceptance and place in this world.

I have become and let go of many selves, real and false over the last 24 months, shed so much, stories, pain, parallel lives, shadows, entity attachments, ego parts, integrated much of my masculine and feminine, old beliefs and programs and still so much more to release.

I love you so much, more than words can express and from all my experiences the ones that are dearest to me are when I drop my guard and be seen, as real, as raw, as human and beyond human, when I see the light in me and others, to do anything and be free, to be a light, to rise above adversity and follow our bliss, to share some extraordinary experiences with people all over the world.

From the desert to the country, the beaches to the city in many roles I played, many sizes in clothes, many hair styles and colors, many places and faces, many views and opinions, many costumes and pretends and play:

“I Am that I Am” No more and No less than each and every single being in this amazing universe.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you, no matter who you are or where you are, I honor your path, your experience, and purpose and say let your dreams manifest, you are more than worthy.

If I could share advice for one thing from all of this it would be:

“Listen, Listen to your heart, Listen to the wind, Listen to your body’s wisdom, Listen to your Divinity and your inner intuition and liberating power and gift from our Creator” – Destiny Fae

Bless – Mahalo

Mahalo nui loa

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“Be Real – Be True – Be Honest – BE YOU.”

“To glorious travels, adventures and life” –
Traveller Destiny

Xmas Magic and Power of YOU

Xmas Magic and Power of YOU:

“Yesterday is history, today is a gift and tomorrow is a mystery”

On this huge and epic adventure I set out on 13 weeks ago to travel the globe with no agenda- following faith and the strong words and guidance of spirit:

Christmas was a hugely challenging day for the most part, my journey nearly came to an end, I strongly and deeply knew that wasn’t my path, no matter the physical evidence (hours at border security, being told I had to leave). I connected to source and Gaia, I saw the simple solution happening within the Christ consciousness of my “Sacred Heart”, I radiated rapid love, faith and knowingness, my journey was supported. I knew this for sure, after all the experiences the past few months, when I had arrived with $30 and no idea what would happen. I filled my mind and heart and the physical object within me, of the solution in my mind and filled it with my breathe and creators breathe on this fateful Christ-consciousness-mas day.

I had begun reading the LAW of ONE and it had inspired a memory of deep within me the “POWER” I held through SPIRIT/SOURCE always. The “I Am that I Am” (in EXODUS):

An Article about the beings linked to the LAW of ONE


I felt beyond the illusion and Maya, I knew there was more to ALL that played out in my soul fragment of You-in-verse (universe). I connected so deeply to the multiple possible outcomes and timelines and thanI saw the one aligned to my highest good, with ease and grace and I chose it. I stayed in peace, faith and love, while holding onto the feelings of the ONENESS with source, determined to see my passport stamped and my path supported.

No matter what showed up in the “Illusion“, I knew my choice was made and as I began to physically embody this…….”So BE it”

After three people yelling at me and telling me I needed to leave the country on Christmas day, my passport was stamped and I was on my way. I was told how lucky I was and that this does not usually happen. Inside holding and embodying the knowing of our true “POWER”, our “oneness” in the GOD-Head and ALL the manifesting and co-creating power was within my vibrational reach. I am so extremely grateful, it is ineffable, the magic and everyone said it never happens and I was so lucky. The dilemma and  issue was not an intentional violation of any security procedure I had been given incorrect information.

“Magic is within YOU. YOU are infinite” – Traveler Destiny

As the hours went by I could see clearly how things would not have gone the same way, had me and my friend Jonathan not gone through the wrong drive through when exiting Mexico, or if I had left earlier, a day or more before my stamp expired. It reminds me of the invisible infrastructure and support all around us, if we trust and have so much faith in our journey and let things flow.


I had some what of an emotional purge after the long processing in the dense energy at the boarder and the control of the our “Mother Earth”. That I had to shift through into a new paradigm of awareness and knowing of the ways to proceed even in persevered dilemmas.  I missed out on a Christmas Party, with some amazing people I wanted to see and was grateful for my reward of re entry but disappointed that I had no celebration on this special day. I later realised the significant reason for this, being the release of what the day and celebrations should be and finding blessings in each moment and celebration in new ways.

I spent and enjoyable evening on the beach with Jonathan, listening to spiritual teaching Audio Books, meditating, listening to the waves,watching the clouds disappear to star gaze, chatting and treating ourselves to chips and chocolate, after a challenging day.


All in all I am grateful and can honestly say my tips are:

  • Surrender the expectations of what should be.

  • Trust your journey without fail, no matter what shows up.

  • Be yourself and let your feelings be felt.

  • Hold the intention for the best to unfold.

  • Find the fun in the little things.

  • Let go of the need for big and for others to be around, to celebrate and enjoy life.

“No matter how challenging or uncomfortable an experience, it always serves you for a higher purpose of growth, potential and support. The goal is to see the silver lining and move through with ease and grace” – Cynthia Jauch


Spiritual Growth- Inner Strength>>>

Most people are not are not born with inner strength, but it can be developed.

Inner strength consists of willpower, self discipline, self control, persistence, detachment and the ability to concentrate. In this article we will focus on two of the ingredients, willpower and self discipline, which are important and essential tools for success in all areas of life, and which can be learned and strengthened like any other skill.”

After the lessons and release of frustration I decided to create a pact to myself and set a new bar for what I accept in my reality and using my sovereign birth right to hold my power and energy, to get food, water and shelter, to move freely on the “Earth I was born” This is the promise I made (I encourage you to make your own):

“Borders piss me off. All the rules, stress, wasted paper, management, fear and domination.

Merry Christ (christened, crossed) within day. The Christ nature and innocence we all have the ability to access this consciousness.
Earth really has no borders. They are man made.
I don’t want to see a world with man made restrictions.
Animals don’t have borders on earth, birds fly anywhere they want.
We are as worthy as them of freedom.
I am a free and sovereign being.
I see no borders. I transmute the part of my being that believes in them, that has been part of creating them.
I forgive the system, I send it love, to leave, to pass away, to transform into a new and natural, symbiotic oneness and harmony with ease and grace.
And so it is! By this divine decree.
I am free. I am a global citizen.
I am love, I am one with god. I am of universal law, I am aligned to my higher self and the universal laws.
My creator gives me the divine will for freedom to love, to live, to thrive.
Demand your birth given right to sovereignty, to divinity. Connect to your creator. The creator in you.
Love you all. As myself. NAMASTE”


VIDEO on rewiring the brain:By Dr Joe Dispenza

Much Peace, Love and Light.

Infinite Family

“To glorious travels, adventures and life” –
Traveller Destiny

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Growth of the Journey

Growth of the Journey: Reflections, key lessons, love and expansion.

Recently (on my travels in America) I have learned some major things, so many old programs and wounds have surfaced to transmute, over the past month I have been living mostly in a community environment with many other people (which has been amazing to say the least), mostly males and it has been a huge blessing even in the challenges:

I have been able to see my thought patterns, change them and see how clearly my thoughts are creating my reality. e.g in some situations through almost immediate manifestation with people I am so close and connected to.
– My new awareness has gifted me some greater perspective in myself and how to more deeply connect and interact with others in close spaces for long periods (which can often create a space for ego, misunderstanding and disagreements). My ego has come up, my perspective on the ways to interact and consider others has changed.

11 Huge shifts:

1. Seeing and outing my ego sooner.

2. Becoming even more honest and radically authentic.

3. Allowing further vulnerability to be seen and also to heal.

4. Seeing new parts of my inner battle and masculine feminine imbalance.

5. My ability to project less or get stuck in a story of the past.

6. Letting go of some of my wants and needs which are not needed for the collective and our highest good.

7. Knowing sooner when to have space and alone time. (being highly empathetic)

8. Refining my ability to hold my energy, my inner power and to not abuse it.

9. Utilizing my ability to filter out energy, projections and drama of others.

10. Further embodiment of the divine feminine principles, through being more gentle, emotional and intuitive.

11. Changing language from I am to We are, practicing more gratitude and saying I Love you to everyone, sharing more hugs, showing up more present with those I am with and allowing more touch for connection when meeting people.

“Sometimes. simply removing yourself from a situation is all the lesson needed to have the drama present, drift away” – Cynthia Destiny Jauch

Some things in life are not worth the drama and stories that other parts bring to the scene. Learning where your boundaries and self awareness are. Commitment to inner love, higher purpose and the clear picture of guidance for a better way forward, is a huge key to greater balance, support and harmony.

As things present themselves in our world, we can rise above the victim state of thinking and being, to choose to step away from the stories and drama for our well-being and not be stuck in the drama, there is always many sides and poles at play, but coming from a place of more neutrality and allowing the lessons and paths to unfold for us and others and for the highest good.

With all the purging and newness coming through to our world, all the shadows which have risen to be transmuted. We can step back and hold a space of love, calmness and higher perspective. Finding compassion for all pats at the place they are, allows for letting go and stepping aside from the chaos presently showing for restructure and healing.”


More key lessons:

* Being able to celebrate and reflect on all the inner changes by the amazing reflections in those I have attracted to me.

* I have had some massive shifts within, while travelling, from greater faith and trust in others and the universe and its support for me and my path

* I have come to further understand the importance of choice, trusting and refining my intuition and healthy boundaries in use.

^^^Unconditional Love, first of self, has become an even deeper practice, through seeing my reflection in others, present and from a distance, through words, actions, being triggered, giving myself time to reflect, have inner space and speaking my truth, facing uncovered fears and allowing nurture and gentleness with myself for integration, release and deep understanding.

Through these experiences, letting go of the interactions, people and things which do not serve the highest good, picking my time, words and environment for the energy needed of me. Finding inner forgiveness for my own downfalls and those I have projected onto others.

Removing the layers and patterns of conditioned love takes time, from the close bonds and interactions I have had with some amazing men on my journey I have worked at finding a balance of love, shared freely without condition and binding of expectation and need of validation. I am passionate and curious to see, experience and write more about the unfolding, I am learning with this realm of discussion. 

– The people who have hurt me the most from my past back home are the ones who have been my greatest mirrors and teachers to see where I can grow and love deeper of myself and all else, within reason of my actions, energy and time spent. For this lesson no matter how hard it was I am so so so grateful to these people, even though my stories and wounds still have some work to heal, if I rise above the stories and circumstances, the meanings and messages still benefit me in the long run.
– Leaving and pushing certain people away has gifted me greater insight into my shadows and parts I unconsciously refused to see, where I was not supporting myself and letting others reflect the same, where I was not forgiving myself and where I was not letting go of that which I knew I should.

“Let the sound you send out be equal to that you wish to receive, for your vibration attracts the like in return, know your hearts song.” – Cynthia Destiny Jauch

As we move through our lives we make lots of sound, our thoughts, our words, our actions, they reverberate our souls message to the cosmic theater, calling to us what we want to attract, from what we choose to be as a song in the great orchestra of life on this plane.

Make sure to sing the song of your soul and to rightfully attract it back to you and your life. Don’t be confused when the song you receive back isn’t the one you wanted, learn to align your song and message to your souls desires and path to success. Shed your self of the sounds and songs of others, so you can clearing play your message and let it reach the greatest distance back to source, to our love, our soul, our infinite potential.

Be your hearts song, let your actions be the instrument and your voice, thoughts and experiences be the harmony and melody for your life. Your vibration is unique, don’t dull it will the lows and highs of others desires and sounds, keep true to your song, from in your heart. Allow yourself to attract that which you truly are.

Be the things you wish for, share them, think them, shout them with love. Your message is important. It helps the orchestra of the galaxy play in a harmonious and powerful play. Listen in silence to know your inner calling, your path, your message and your unique hearts song.”

I confess I have learnt where I have projected the version of me I wish to show over the version I am at and although it helps to pursue a higher place, value and presentation, I wish to be more authentic and love where I am at in the NOW on each point of my journey through life, I have made mistakes, hurt people because of lack of awareness, I have learnt from my actions, energy and words, aspired to as quickly as noticed apologize and take responsibility for them. I am far from perfect and although it may look like a perfect trip, holiday and travel, I am doing the work, it has not been glamorous, easy or without massive pain, but far worth it for the magic, expansion and wonderful experiences and people I have met. For the radical abundance and generosity of friends and strangers, which I feel so blessed to have received.
My ability to adapt, evolve and grow has excelled and continued to sky rocket despite all the new areas I have uncovered to keep progressing, remembering and healing.
Through this time I feel both so thankful and honored, for those men I have come to be around and close to have healed so much in me, for them sharing, being vulnerable, being gentle, reflecting and taking responsibility for their part, being open and compassionate with me when I was emotional and helping to co create a loving space, which has been a catalyst for healing and growth for us all.
I am NOW even more committed to the inner work, setting new standards for how I present my energy and self, how I impact and affect the outer world, more passionate to see the vision of peace I sense being here on earth, shared NOW and collectively bridging heaven with earth.
Facebook LIVE from my recent video reflection:
The Power of a Hard Truth!
How it can benefit you.
How to leverage it.Plus weekly global reading for 14th – 20th.
To those amazing souls who read this far, I have come to change and understand my soul so much, that I go by “Destiny” my souls name, for which I am releasing the lessons of Cynthia (my birth name) thanking it for its lessons and understanding and moving to a new vibration which resonates more to the feeling of “We Are” (Unity) over “I AM” (singular).
Thank you from the bottom of my Heart and Soul.
To my new Mantra which has gotten me through so much:
“Ho’oponopono” (Hawaiian healing process) Translation
I Love You
I am sorry
Please forgive me
Thank you.

“Hoʻoponopono” is defined in the Hawaiian Dictionary as “mental cleansing: family conferences in which relationships were set right through prayer, discussion, confession, repentance, and mutual restitution and forgiveness”http://www.thereisaway.org/Ho’oponopono_cleaning_meditation.htm


In the coming months I will be in Hawaii, based on a massive calling and guidance. I have come to have a deeper understanding on Unity and how within me and those I have connected with my vision can be manifest in this reality.

Much Peace, Love and Light.

Infinite Family

“To glorious travels, adventures and life”
Traveller Destiny

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$1 a HUG

$1 a HUG:

I made some awesome friends on my way to Denver, on the Greyhound bus , still unable to access the money in my accounts and not able to cash in the scratch it I won $20 on. One of the amazing guys I made friends at the massive lay over in Las Vegas gave me a tin of mixed nuts to eat. I was from 6:30am until 7:30pm in Las Vegas for a lay over and struggled to find anywhere to charge my phone, plug in my laptop and use the internet for some work, success was in the way of a nice restaurant, I was desperate to go to the toilet and was so relieved they had internet and power as I needed. I had just enough cash to buy a coffee and had no idea when the banks would release my money, as I sat in faith and moved forward knowing all needed would show up.


When I finally got back to the bus station very hungry I attempted to use one of my cards for a vending machine, a kind guy asked where I was going and where I was from, we had a chat after my card wouldn’t work and he offered me some chips, gratefully I received. We had a chat and I went back to working while waiting patiently for the bus to board. At some point in this time, I began chatting to two young guys whom I had noticed chatting earlier, we discussed what I was doing, making my way from Australia to get to Standing Rock in North Dakota to protest the Pipeline. They were amazed and we all began chatting about philosophy and other things, and they had only just met. Lucky I was that due to the delayed trip the station gave everyone free Pizza and one of the guys I was with got me extra due to being there so long, after dinner we went outside for fresh air and a guy sitting next to the station asked for a marker for a sign, he seemed very low and we inquired what was wrong, this guy was clearly high on something but coming down very quickly, explaining how his stuff was stolen and he was homeless with nothing. I held his hand and spoke to his soul, willing that spark in him to find hope as he appeared to have lost all hope in life and didn’t know if he would make it through the night. I gave him my blanket to make sure he was warmer and got him some water in my bottle, to drink. Soon out bus was boarding and we all felt really connected through the experience.


The next 24 hours no money showed up in my account, when we were stopped in Denver, the boys decided to wave a sign for money and I was hungry so I went with them, new to me this activity, maybe I have never been so desperate, but I didn’t know people do that to  beg for money, but one of these new brothers said they do it all the time when they don’t have much money and travel, so I joined. I decided I would sit on a hill with a sign reading “1 a HUG need CASH for Food”.  As I created a free hugs campaign years ago, I sat on a hill near a dog park in the city of Denver for over an hour, with my sign, people looking and some smiling, not a single person even stopped, I was shocked, I know people who would drop a $5 note and not bother to pick it up and hear in the city of Denver nobody wanted a hug and to help out a traveller looking for some food. I was very sad for the people of that town, how far disconnected from love must they be, I give even with no money, of my time, my gifts, my things because we are all connected. I had experienced so much generosity from so many other strangers on my journey and in my life. I send love to all the people of Denver, for them to feel within themselves more connection. I must point out I didn’t look homeless, I looked clean and well presented, I had a smile on my face, 100’s of people saw me and didn’t even stop to talk to me or ask what was happening.

When I went back to the station I had explained what had happened and the other people who were on the bus with me offered to help, one gave me a dollar for a hug and then was raving about how it reminded him of his mother and he felt so  at home and familiar after the hug and then another women paid me $1 for an oracle reading,  and then gave me more, while I was doing her reading a guy who had been watching came over and asked if I was doing fortune telling, I explained what I was doing and he was very interested, so  he sat down to watch. After the lady was finished and happy with the reading, quite shocked at the accuracy, I spoke to the young guy and he said he had no money, and apologised, I asked if he would mind doing a review and he said he can’t read or write. I continued and explained it was OK, he had a very hesitant energy and I could sense how sensitive he was, after the reading, explaining his path and his purpose was in the power of the spoken word, he said to me, “I am turning myself in” he thanked me and said he needs to with a smile, I gave him a big hug and said he will do great things.

The shop opened at the station to get some food, luckily when we arrived that morning we were offered a food voucher for the shop opening that afternoon, there was some confusion with me getting water and I had the perfect about extra from the people off the bus to cover the difference. From this experience of the people of the busy city and the generosity of those with little, I was so blown away by the contrast of people and the environments they are in. I was so supported and I didn’t need to go to the lengths of sitting and begging for money, although offering some form of healing in return.

We as people need to wake up, out of this fog of lack and being so separated with what is ours and others, leaving people behind. All on this earth is symbiotically connected and we are all one great Family.

My journey continues into the unknown as I make my way to Standing Rock to protect our Mother Earth and her water.

Much Peace, Love and Light.

Infinite Family

“To glorious travels, adventures and life”
Traveller Destiny

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As the Phoenix rises from the Ashes:St. Valentine , The Time has Come , When in Rome and Inspire Destiny – Our Time is NOW!!!

As the Phoenix rises from the Ashes:

As the Phoenix rises from the Ashes:

I am sitting in a coffee shop in Long Beach, California, reflecting on the past 24 months, so filled with gratitude for the adventures and blessings I have been served. I have had some heart wrenching experiences and some marvelously magical moments, from paragliding in the Himalayas to Camel rides from the Egyptian Pyramids to the Sphinx, some intense research and soul searching from surrendering to my path and purpose to deep journeys inwards. If you would care to journey back with me 24 months ago to the point in which the mystical Phoenix joined my path, I will share with you magic and rawness.


It was 3 weeks after mum passed, I had just been to my first protest at the G20 (the global gathering of 20 of the world’s leaders), I was protesting with the group known as “Anonymous” for the discussion of Decolonisation, I was invited by my friend Simon that day, after near no sleep the night before preparing for a garage sale and my first ever Event for Free Hugs 4 Awareness (campaign giving hugs to change the stigma for mental health and suicide), I was full of beans and I remember meeting an amazing soul Greg Johnson, we talked all day while sharing the banner being carried, laughing and sharing our journeys, I gave Greg my number to help him with Marketing for his business, Poetry Portraits, which I loved the concept of as a fellow poet. This was a changing moment in my life, for Greg became my greatest friend and my most trusted guardian on my journey a true Angel on my path. The following morning Greg showed up in the City of Brisbane and called me to see where I was, shocked as I was, for today was my first event. I had very little sleep the night before getting the T-shirts, signs and business cards ready for the day.  I was so happy and grateful to see Greg, and have contacts from the previous day through him, who were going to interview me for the event. We had predicted not so many people in the city due to the Terrorist threats for the G20 and being the following day there were less police around, but still many people. After an interview and some photos, Greg and Simon came with me to meet up with my sister Melissa and the Friend off facebook who kindly offered to film some of the event for a video, Ryan Kelly, little did I know how much this day also would affect the next 24 months of my life.


As I saw Ryan he had a hat on with Ned (Nickname to do with Ned Kelly) on the front, so I was a little confused, as Melissa had mentioned my friend Ned was there waiting with her and the people from the newspaper to interview me and take some pictures. I had an immediate feeling of calm and recognition but due to the business of everything going on I was distracted. Several hours passed and we had a total of 7 volunteers to give out hugs, I was blown away and so excited to see the video, everyone went their separate ways and I gave a homeless guy one of the spare T-shirts to wear as we left. I organised to following week to give Ryan the music for the Video, as it was important to me to use a specific song, which I had heard the band playing live one day in the city on my way to give out hugs and the Lyrics of “Fragments” by Tiger Lilly just stopped me in my tracks to only hear the final verse and I was taken over to go and get a CD, knowing this was the song for the video. So I rode over to Ryan’s and instead of working on the video, we chatted for hours, I cancelled my meet up with my little sister and before we knew it time had flown by. Ryan went to pick up his son Ben from school and left me in his house while he was gone, as I looked around his house I was blown away by a sense of home I had never felt before, it felt like magic and mystery and warmth, I pondered the peculiarity of Ryan leaving me in his house alone without knowing me. When Ben arrived with his dad, he went straight to play outside but he gave Ryan a paper flower to give me. As I held the paper flower I was moved, I didn’t know what it meant, but it looked different from most flowers I had seen and I didn’t even see Ben until he came in from playing and wanted to cuddle Ryan. I left soon and had a perplexing feeling about what had unfolded; I left the flower behind as to not squash it in my bag on my motorbike. I felt a pull, a massive pull, Ryan messaged me to organize more about the video he was editing and we began to chat some, a bit deeper than the superficial chats we had before we meet a week ago.

As time passed I had stayed at Ryans to watch a movie and he moved over to cuddle me, it felt so familiar and I felt so connected to Ben, as Ryan explained stuff about his time in the army and how hard things had been with his ex wife’s drinking and how it affected Ben, I felt so sad. Ryan slept on the couch that night, but not before asking to try something while tucking me in and kissing me gently and walking out, I fell asleep on cloud nine that night. A week later I was at a shop buying Ryan a ring with a red gem, not knowing why and trusting this desire, I got his names meaning engraved inside “Little King” and was taking in that weekend to give him and for all of us to go to a Pop culture convention since neither of them had been before. When I gave Ryan the ring with a skull and roses, he told me his favourite colour was red, (he had never told me that), he then pulled out a single red rose and dark chocolate, I was in shock, no one had ever surprised me like that for no reason, we had only met 3 weeks before and by the end of the weekend we had both said “I Love You”, after already telling everyone else how we felt. One day the following week at Ryans place his phone rang and it was his Nan, I answered it for him and she knew who I was, this really blew me away, I felt like I was in a faery tale. This was so soothing, 6 weeks after mums passing, someone showing up to help soothe the loss.

After this intensity there was much soul gazing, I was to be traveling soon and on quite the choosen spiritual path, the Dharma of spiritual liberation, so I had chosen to be celibate until I returned in May the following year from my first solo adventure overseas, Ryan respected this to my shock and was amazing, he mentioned one day wonder where I came from and said I was an angel from Heaven, we had nicknamed each other Sun of my Life and Moon and stars, after the nicknames of characters who where in love on the TV series and Book “Game of Throwns” which we both loved, my names meaning coming from Mount Cynthus in Greece and being linked to Artemis the Moon Goddess and Ryan being and Aries and Fiery. I was guided one day while laying on the floor at Ryan’s place to look up past life regression, after Simon had mentioned it a few weeks previous, due to me and his connection and feeling of a time in Europe with war where we knew each other. I booked in online and got a message from a lady named Cat. When I went to my appointment I was blown away, by the Egyptian pillars in her session room and the essential oils, I had previously been studying up on Egypt and my affinity to it and studying essential oils since my struggles in my youth. On the wall hung a picture of an Egyptian cat which the words “Cats Office”, this triggered a memory of me talking to people as a little girl saying that if reincarnation exists I was a cat in a past life, I am flexible and have many feline qualities. After this session I was blown away, not only did I see myself at the same age in Egypt, called Sarah (a close friends name at the time who had just been talking about how oddly her cat acted around me compared to others), but I had a little girl of 6 and my brother of that life had stabbed me through the heart and killed me. I saw into my vision and recognized the soul as an ex manager in this life, who had bullied me for 10 months before leaving with no job and then breaking up with my than current long term partner after the stress of money. This person name was Michael, the same as my youngest brother in this life, I had also been staying for 3 months right near this old work and had been pulled to it with no idea why the past 3 weeks while riding past. On my ride home while thinking about all that had transpired, including a channeling of my mum, which nearly made me cry and had confirmed a sense of her around me still, I went to ride past the old job and pulled in to go confront Michael.  I approached it with an opening of my soul searching and forgave him for how he had treated me several years earlier and thanked him for getting me to move on to greater things, he was a bit shocked and I left so much lighter and so transformed.


One day the passion got too much for me and Ryan than we slept together, it had been nearly a year since I had been with anyone and I was shocked at how connected we were, the day after I was concerned I was pregnant in the passion of it all and nothing being used to prevent it, when I told Ryan he shut off and after that everything disappeared like awoken from a dream. Things fell away, my ego kicked in and I wanted all the connection and openness back. I saw him again one last time before leaving weeks later on my 8 week pilgrimage overseas, he asked me to stay and watch a movie with him and his sister, we slept on opposite sides of the bed and all night I would feel a huge pull and play of energy, the next day he asked to cuddle and then asked me what was wrong, I told him I felt he didn’t think he could trust me and I knew he didn’t want me to go, he agreed but said he wouldn’t hold me back, that morning he kissed me goodbye and I left feeling a renewed hope and it was the last time I saw him until May the following year, when I was living with Greg. My adventure overseas was amazing as the stories unfold in this way as written and Magic in Egypt, India, Greece, Italy, Nepal and China. On my travels I begin to notice that the word or image of a phoenix is repeatedly showing up.

When living with Greg, I was free to do some study into philosophy and past times, I came across a link from Artemis to the Egyptian Cat Goddess Sekhmet and am blown away, than when researching the Phoenix I come across an Egyptian Phoenix called the Benu bird and I am in even more shock at the connection, Ben had been obsessed with birds and wanted to be a bird scientist. For some people this is just coincidence, when one experiences the connections and magical things I have, I stopped believing in coincidences. I had become so close to Ben in a short time and missed him so much, maybe even more than Ryan, this hit a nerve and as my search deepened I found threads linking the name Ryan to El Ryan, a gate to Heaven, Orion constellation, and Orion’s belt being aligned to the 3 pyramids. As life unfolded and I reached out to Ryan, there was even more of a wall, I was hurting and longing still for his connection.

End of 2015 I connected with a guy called Paul who had a huge connection to Egypt, he took me to see my first Medium who was talking about my gender battle within, she mentioned my Native American life being really important to my current life. I had gone back to see Cat after returning from my trip and seen myself as a male Native American, with a daughter similar age to my Egyptian life and I had a wife who I loved very much, I also saw myself as an Arabic princess who was taken from a place by force where there was a man in the distance and I was in a garden in Greece with mosaics, at my final stop I saw myself dead in an alley after having been rapped, for speaking up. So the connections continued to grow, I started studying more about Egypt and the constellations through astrology and connected with more spiritual people. My draw to Phoenix and America continued and after a spiritual retreat in Australia I had a connection to my affinity to Dolphins, Hawaii and also fairies. At this retreat I had a vision of me, my Egyptian and Native American ancestors, a dolphin, a dragon, a wolf, the phoenix, Artemis, Archangel Gabriel and more, at the end of which I saw myself grow butterfly wings and fly around the room. After my experiences with Ryan I had begin to look into the experience of Twin Flame souls and felt he was mine, from the recognition and the telepathic experiences we had, we had also discussed that both had asked the universe for someone at perhaps the exact same moment weeks before we had met while looking up at the sky and saying we were ready.


After many more medium readings about travel, America, Facebook saying twice I was in America, phoenix sighting galore showing up more and more, I get told I am from the constellation of the Pleiades and a memory of Greg’s best friend from his youth pops into my head, Shaun an ex Navy man who said he was from there and also shared an affinity to dolphins and wolves, I hadn’t spoken to him for some time. I have recently been channelling so much,  from messages for my path, messages for others, projects to bring to this world from Unity Movements to festivals, to oracle cards and healing from times long gone that are in our distant memories of the collective conscious, I was told soon I would be channelling messages from the Pleiades. As I look over my research and do some more in conjunction with my recent messages, I find a link from the Pleiades to Orion, as a key and the message that the 7 sisters of the Pleiades were maidens of Artemis, as new information falls in my path, I connect to people and attract others to create the amazing story unfolding before me, I work to remain grounded. At Pauls place back in December of 2015 nearly a year ago, at the capstone of Alexandra headlands I am guided to go to Bali to give a hug to a new friend, based on inner guidance and the money I hadn’t expected showed up. I get a Native American headdress and a sunflower (the symbol of my mum) tattooed on my back with her Name in the petals and a smiley face in the centre as she thought I would be a sunflower if I was a flower and they were her favourite flower, I get goosebumps as I write his as even more connections too much to put into words at this very moment splash past my mind, links to Pleading butterflies, my first tattoo with my mum being there to support it, a girl called Ky Ra back in Australia with ties to butterflies and other galactic connections, her ex-partner Byron (a Galactic Shaman) and him being in the states right near me and me being told of him by a new friend on Facebook and much more. With my tattoo done in January, back in Australia I discovered within my mums name, her middle name Mary and Surname Andrews at the very bottom of these two joined says Ryan (VonMaRYANdrews), I was so shocked and also frustrated as the thought of him and Ben are still painful.


Three months ago I met a guy named Jesse, we connected before we met and I had been overcome with insight as we first txt each other, speaking of growth and lessons we just clicked. Thinking nothing of it as I was busy with my projects we kept connecting online and I had been receiving visions of a Kissing someone, which I thought to be strange, it had been a while since I had been with anyone before my Hitch Hike around Australia in March of this year and having an unfortunate experience with a guy named Paul (seems to show up a lot for me). When me and Jesse met, there was an understanding, I was guided to give him a heart Key from Uki, a magical town in NSW near Byron, where Melissa (sister) my fairy cousin Keeta and me had spoken of magic, we all got a different key and mine had a heart on it, I wore this key around my neck for months and after my experience months later at the Spiritual Retreat in the same town, I felt its connection to the faery realm and Avalon. I had no clue why I was guided to give this Key to Jesse (nickname JC, opposite to my initials CJ), I had found the key under the bed that morning and had forgotten about it, I was also guided to give Jesse a Rose Quarts crystal (ring to Ryan had roses on it). Jesse was a bit blown away by this and I had told him my guides told me to give it to him and I didn’t know why, after speaking my story and mentioning Ben and my connection and the special abilities I noticed in Ben and mentioning the Phoenix, Jesse said to me “Did you know I have a tattoo of the Phoenix” I looked at him and laughed as if to say, Oh of course you do.

As time went on me and Jesse kept talking and connecting and a few weeks later I had organized to go to a Buddhist temple with him at the sunshine coast, after he had mentioned his past life as a Monk, we were in silence and just enjoyed each other’s energy. I stayed at his place that night and the next, on the second night we held hands all night and I slept with a smile on my face. Move forward and we had 2 weeks of amazing adventures, we were in a relationship, had 30 mins of soul gazing before our first kiss and I realized my premonitions were of him. Things changed weeks later when I moved in with Jesse after being kicked out of my dad’s house, before travelling overseas, we felt like 6 weeks together, which was how long it lasted (about the same as me and Ryan) was more like 6 years, we confirmed we felt 3 previous lives together and sometimes spoke a different language. As we split after a fight, for something petty and we both learned, money showed up for me to leave to the states, I was again at the same place, at my friend Paul’s house, co incidence? I think not, the bond between us grew and I saw his soul everywhere, even though his person and body had shut off from our love and connection to some degree, he had acknowledged our bond and its growth, psychic and otherwise, I began to feel drained and used while he was helping others and I had to cut off for both of us to walk a separate journey. Jesse and I both knew our time would be short this moment together and I didn’t want to let go of our magic and bond of infinite potential. I feel sorrow for this parting and know I need it for me and for him to heal, although I think of him so much and the time spent with his Angels (sons) Azrael and Xavier, the shared moments, cuddling and wrestling, their laughter, Jesses amazing smile which melted my heart and the long soul gazes into heaven in Jesse’s eyes when things were simple before the title of couple and relationship, which I never wanted but is part of my journey to newness in this world. When staying with a friend in Australia, I had some energy and clearing work done, she had gone into the shadow realm and was able to see one of my animal spirit guides was a white Phoenix, which did not surprise me at all, it guides me through this journey of life, with cycles of death of parts and the rebirth of my soul coming to remember a time so long ago, of peace, unity and harmony. I NOW am surrendering to my path, with many challenges and past life patterns showing up to be shed, the time is speeding up for me, more signs in numbers, names, people, spirit animals, guidance and my path becoming clearer each day, I walk alone but with so many with me, protecting me and guiding me. A love of infinite within us all, no matter who or what, LOVE YOU deeply and from here love all beyond thing, person and ALL in existence. No matter who you are and where you are I am with you in some way connected and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you.


As I do a card reading with my rainbow oracle cards for my night ahead and my future cards keep falling out with ease as like never before, they fall: Financial Flow, Divine Masculine, Emotional Tapestry, Apprentice, Heart Healing, Transformation (with Butterflies on it), Heart Magic, The Sage (with and Ankh on the eye in the picture) and Multi-Dimensional Self, so many amazing signs and meanings, I am thrilled beyond explanation. Yesterday the Phoenix showed up thrice a number linked to me and my numerology and I see repeated all the time, I know the momentum of realization and a pending time to be reborn is approaching, people tagging me phoenix posts, me seeing it in searches non related, but related to Hawaii as a sign to go there and it showing up in a Rumi card deck global reading I did, which beautiful messages for me and the world. My name being called at the café I am at 3 times and I know this is a sign I am at the right place and now 24 months later from meeting Ben and the Phoenix signs began.


 I am about to be boarding a bus to Phoenix Arizona with 3 crystal gifted me by one of my best friends Lindsay who I know deeply from many lives past (sharing the same star sign as my mum) a crystal of my life purpose (which she does not know) a red jasper and a 7th magic crystal, on my way to Sedona (a sacred place in our world) to meet up with a friend off Facebook called Ryan (alias Orion) on my way to protest in Dakota with the Native Americans, my path ahead and full of excitement and passion for the journey unfolding, deeply missing a part of me, which I desire to reclaim within, for the bitter sweet memories of Mum, Ben and Ryan, Jessie, Azrael and Xavier, those souls that feel so close to home and a tearing of the bond I felt with them. Although my mum is always with me and I know all these souls will cross my path, I feel as a Phoenix rising from the ashes to a new dawn, a new day and a brighter future on the Horizon. The plot in my magical story and destiny thickens and I surrender again to the mystery that unfolds in my beautiful and sweet life and experience. I will see the sunrise in Phoenix Arizona and a part of me that died long ago will be reborn, this I know for certain………….

Much Peace, Love and Light.

Infinite Family

“To glorious travels, adventures and life” –
Traveller Destiny

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