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Here is the low down of the book:
“The Spiritual Nomad’s Guide to Life” Book:
A book of Stories, Wisdom and Practical Life Tools from 12 Spiritual Nomads, whom have gone far and wide to find themselves, gain wisdom, healing, transformation and truth.
To share with the many and give space for prosperity and acknowledgement to those doing deep inner work and trusting their heart and calling.
Writers in industries of many healing and therapy fields, both genders.
Magical stories from all over the world. Set in 22 chapters – 22-66 tools/tips, Themes of Chapters following the Major Arcana of the Tarot (The Story of Life to Ascension).

 More details on book:


T.rust – NOW
R.espect – ALL
U.tilize – EXPANSION
T.ransform – REALITY
H.eaven in – YOU

* Void, stillness, observer before observing (0. Invisible) – ZERO – Fool

* Know thy self (All in ALL, alone = All ONE) – ONE – The Magician

* Balance in (beyond duality, polar alignment, yin and yang) – TWO – The High Priestess.

* Spirit, Mind, Body harmony (Holy Trinity, Mother, father, child) -THREE – The Empress.

* Direction clear, (4th vibe, Elements, seasons, points on a cube, direction basic N,E,W,S ) – where is your heart? 4th chakra, earth is the heart of this solar system. Dimensional rebalance. – FOUR – The Emperor.

* Expand beyond, star of pentagram, sacred number of transformation. – FIVE – Hierophant.

* Sacred expression, sensation, human being, physicality. – SIX – The Lovers.

* Gratefulness, heavenly realization. – SEVEN – The Chariot.

(Some of the “Journey of life”)

More revealed in the Book.


Some insights, from my journey:

Loving Travel because: you learn things that you may never learn in any other way.

– How to gracefully move through some limited mindsets, to keep calm in chaotic times, as travel affects you on all levels and to some limits and chaotic places, inside and outside.
– Being prepared for the worst. – Like taking toilet paper with you hahaha.
– Interesting things from hitch hiking, finding resources from seemingly nowhere, how deeply you are supported when you take leaps of faith.
– You meet so many amazing and generous people.
– You smash boundaries and find much healthier ones.
– You find some interesting ways to overcome things and become more self sufficient.
– You learn how to plan in flow and be flexible.
– Your people skills and awareness grows.
– You get to understand yourself on a deeper level.


There will be some of my secrets of travel in this book:

Would you think you could make money from hitch hiking?

In the last 3 months alone I have been given over $100 combined, by multiple angels and I have been given a phone and food as well, I’ve been offered tents, had meals bought for me and offered places to stay. Usually all by answering the questions I was asked and people wishing me well on my travels and journey.

This is an example of being in a place of gratitude, trust and allowing of support.

Never once did I ask. I had my hand out for a lift and all else was offered. Being humble and grateful for the support to get to where I was going.

There are so many good people in this world (especially in Kauai), you begin to feel and see the goodness, when fear is released and observed without attachment.

It’s not the quickest way to travel and in the rain can be more of a challenge, however I feel so honored and grateful for the experience and the blessings and wisdom it has taught me, as well as the opportunity to grow myself.


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St Valentine..

Do you know the story of valentine’s day? I will fill you in on a little about this day which is celebrated globally by lovers every year.

“Saint Valentine, officially Saint Valentine of Terni, is a widely recognized third-century Roman saint commemorated on February 14 and associated since the High Middle Ages with a tradition of courtly love.”

Truth be told there is a lot of debate about who was the real St Valentine, the holiday is after.

Here is an article with more about him: 6 Surprising Facts about St Valentine

It was no accident that I was in Rome on Valentine’s day, when it is to celebrate a roman Saint, some may call it divine. As I felt I was guided with perfect universal love my whole trip.

The day rolled out as magical as can be, heading to see the ruins of the Coliseum and also the Roman Forum, it was a fun filled day with many selfies, laughter and adventure, for me and my travel buddy Edgar.



As we set out in the morning full of excitement we caught a bus to the ancient ruins to learn and see stories of times long passed. We searched for a while looking for where to get tickets and was approached by too many people offering tours, after some time we decided to get a tour with a group which also included the Forum, which would be guided by another person. Little did we know that person was someone we needed to meet for our magical day to unfold.



We continued on our tour, seeing the ancient sights of the old times battles and soldiers. I then set a challenge for us to make things more fun, that the person with the most adventurous phot and most likes on facebook, would win and the other one paid for dinner. So we went on our way getting selfies and photos of each other. I decided I would definitely win, by climbing over the fence at the top and getting a photo of me dangling my feet off the edge, quickly before the security saw. After some thought Edgar decided to do the same, not wanting to be out done by me haha. As we continued adventuring I saw a gate and a path up to a great look out spot, so I crawled under and climbed up the side, with my friend on look out from security, as people walked passed asking him if he knew me and calling me crazy. I just laughed and he pretended he didn’t know me. As I reached the top, I needed to be careful as I realized where I thought I could stand was actually unstable and a drop of the edge to the bottom of the ruins. A few pictures on and I rushed down and slide under the gate, then we made our way to meet the group for the next adventure.



We always fell behind the group taking many selfies and laughing about many things. The next guide was an English man named Jonathan, who was delightful. He effortlessly engaged the group, shared interesting information and waited for everyone to catch up. He had a family with two little kids and a lovely wife. After our fun filled adventure, hearing about ancient things, finding out about the fall and rise of civilizations and the hidden mysteries still to be discovered. At the end of the tour, Jonathan, mentioned an awesome night church tour he was doing and we thought why not, When in Rome, and on Valentine’s day with NO plans, so we Literally ran back to the hostel, I needed to change hostels as the room I was in was booked out and I was playing it all by the seat of my pants, I checked in to the new hostel and we ran like crazy people to the meeting place of the night tour.



As we reach the meeting spot, puffed and looking around for the group, we get worried when we have no luck. After a few circles around the site, we see the group and happily run to catch them before they leave, at the big pillar near some fanciful architecture and more ruins of Rome. Jonathan was happy to see us. We make our way to the first church, and I feel reminded of being on a school excursion, me and Edgar giggle away. On the way, there is roads being blocked off by police, we had noticed this on the streets leading towards our meeting location but did not know why. We were informed there was a protest to be had and there was police everywhere and people watching, there was colourful smoke and we all watched as passing on our way to the first stop. We sneak past and go into the church; it was very dark inside, with candles. Jonathan leads us all to different rooms and we hear about the history of this old and sacred place. Edgar and I get a photo in a hole in the ground and make our way around in a bit of an awe hearing about the way this building came to be. I could sense a mystery in the air and everyone whispered in the group, as a sign of respect. We limited our photos as to not disturb any of the church attendees or priests.



At one of the locations we heard about St Peter and where he was held captive before he was killed. We got to stand in one of the rooms he was held as a prisoner. On our way we got to see one of the places that Michelangelo was buried, apparently his body moved many times as to keep secret the real location. I found this quite peculiar. As our mission to discover more churches and secrets of Rome continues, we are told about the water fountains and the underground ruins that are still being found, that after the area became re occupied and civilization grew, the land was built on over the top of the ruins. Jonathan told us about a friend of his that rented a place under one of the theatre arenas, which is now a cinema in commemoration, in this rented room, there was a wall that had begun to fall and behind it was ancient ruins. It was an interesting story; apparently it devalued the rent haha, for falling apart even though it was special and cool. Jonathan said his friend liked using it to impress girls he took home haha.



At the end of our adventure we were taken to an area that all the locals where, to see some fountains and to get a taste of some of the best food and wine in Rome, and probably Italy. What a perfect way to end this day. Edgar and I got friendly with Johnathan and a family from the states and we decided to all have dinner at Jonathan’s favourite place. Everyone thought me and Edgar were a couple haha, as we got along so well and knew each other’s stories, from all the time we had spent together. We all ordered amazing food and had the best wine, I hadn’t drank in over twelve months as I had given it up for spiritual growth and well-being, but when in Rome, and on valentine’s day, I made an exception. I was sharing about my amazing journey so far and the lovely couple asked me if my mum was worried about me travelling alone, I commenced to tell them of her passing and my adventures from a soul calling and they were very impressed by my bravery. I told the family I would come visit them in America soon and after we all finished our food and wine and amazing chats, Anthony the father of the family paid for me and Edgars food and wine, I nearly cried, I was so grateful. More angels that showed up on my trip, the girls giggled as me and Edgar graciously thanked them and they said they want to be at our Wedding, me and Edgar cracked up laughing and smiled at each other.


We all hugged and parted ways and Edgar and I walked back to the dorm. He went to Pompeii the following day and I did my own thing. I felt a little said, missing his laughter and jokes and we caught up that night for drinks to say good bye and to hang out with some of the people at the hostel we made friends with. I met the amazingly wise young American girl here. It was her 21st and she had come from her studies in Amsterdam to Rome for her birthday. We partied the night away and Edgar paid for everyone’s drinks. I got to dance like I hadn’t in such a long time it was amazing.



To be continued…

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Romance and Beauty!!

After a short trip back to Stuttgart I got to meet my beautiful Spanish friend Maria for the first time (we met through social media), she bought me a coffee and we had an interesting chat about politics and current affairs, she was so kind to take me back to the hostel, to pick up my things and rushed back to see me off at the train station to Venice. I was so happy I got to meet her.

On the over night train to Venice there was a lovely 22 year old Italian, German boy named Raphael, who spoke with me about language. He was on his way to Venice where he currently lives and was studying English. Our seating cabin only had us so we got to lay down to sleep. Which I think was the best sleep I’ve ever had on a train. The last few days I’ve been well rested, which is great.IMG_9105Once I got to the train station in Venice, I was a bit flustered as I had run out of euros and having trouble with my cards. Everyone was in a hurry and not too friendly. I paid to use the rest room and then luckily my card worked to buy something to eat. The map I had taken a picture of to get to the hotel, was different from the streets around me. After walking around lost and going back to the train station to try and find wifi, a lovely gentlemen from Africa approached me. He took one of my bags and walked with me to a local Internet cafe. In which he insisted on paying for, while I looked up the hotel. Turned out I got off at a different station in the same town (Venezia Mestre) and he knew how to get to Hotel Ariston then. So we left and then got on a bus for 2 stops and he asked for directions until we got there. I was so grateful but tired. My room was very beautiful and finally it was all mine after sharing for a few days. It’s the little things haha!IMG_9107IMG_9106I was so happy to put my things away for a few days and have a warm shower any time I pleased.
The following day I caught the bus to Venice island. IMG_9108IMG_9109It was so romantic all the boats and bridges. There had been a storm overnight and the water levels had risen. So not as many people, but still very busy.IMG_9110There was so many Mask shops and stalls around for Carneval. Which is in the highlight this weekend, once I’ve left.IMG_9114IMG_9115The buildings and views were breathtaking.IMG_9121IMG_9116IMG_9123I was so excited to see the Basilica De San Marco, it was so amazingly stunning, the colors, mosaics images, marble columns and sculptures. I literally can’t find words to describe how intricate, detailed and fascinating each inch of it was. IMG_9117IMG_9119IMG_9118It was requested not to take pictures inside so I reframed to respect that. IMG_9113On my lovely walk back to the bus stop I stumbled upon a Leonardo Da Vinci temporary museum, which I felt lucky for as there are many ways to get to the same place and I had no idea it was there.IMG_9111IMG_9112I felt a lucky girl to fall into one of the best things I could have wanted to see.IMG_9122Tell me about your luck while travelling?

Caio Lovelies, Update soon.
Be well xx

Too much to tell!!

I arrived at the train station at Stuttgart, Germany at 12am in the morning. I pottered around taking pictures and saw this lovely train track and town replica..
IMG_9019Not as tired as you would think I found some food and paid for my first toilet usage, which was cheap. But the toilet not so good haha!!
IMG_9020On my walk to the hostel at about 3:30am it was freezing but I got a few nice pictures before my phone died. IMG_9021I managed to find my way to the hostel at 4am from my great memory of the map I had snapped off google. You really push your limits when away from all usually reliable sources, it’s a great opportunity to utilize your own skills, instincts and brain haha!! After a nap for a few hours, on the seat near the reception (as I couldn’t check in until 2pm), I freshened up and went for a walk through the city.

The markets were on in the town square as it was Saturday and I had a comforting familiar feeling, while walking around looking at all the beautiful junk I came across a paper tole picture (Pop up image), which my sister Melissa had actually made the same one as a teenager at a class. This was such a shock to see the same thing so far from home and a nice symbol of home here with me. When I spoke to the lady she said her son had gotten it from Australia. IMG_9024In the city there was so many sales on and such stylish clothing, I found it hard not being able to get a bargain, alas traveling on a budget and I really shouldn’t buy what I don’t need as I just got rid of most of my possessions to live a more stress free and minimal lifestyle.IMG_9018-1While eating my pizza at a cafe, a cute English guy named Russell asked to sit next me. I didn’t see him for long so I won’t go into detail about his story. But he was a charmer and he kissed me after like 2 seconds of talking to me haha!! (I was so shocked and probably blushing). IMG_9025The following day I had a buffet breakfast which was so yummy! But I’m eating too much carbs. Gonna have to find some fruit shops.IMG_9026Beautiful people in Europe, great fashion. So many friendly people I’ve met. I had a lovely chat with an American traveling around Europe who is from my hostel (which was an amazing hostel)
We went to Starbucks after site seeing and then spoke to a lovely German, Italian studying in Germany. We spoke of philosophy, science and body building haha!IMG_9027IMG_9022IMG_9023Following day: I caught a train to -Esslingen, a beautiful little town with vineyards, where I met a lovely lady named Ellen (spoke to her through a facebook page I am a member of), who showed me where to go and bought me a map. I walked around the vineyards up a big walk got some amazing pictures and it was snowing a lot. IMG_9064IMG_9028I looked at some amazing churches and climbed the stairs to the Boag (castle). Once at the top, I was busting and there was no toilets around, so what did I do? Haha! Lucky the snow had stopped, no one was around, so I pulled down my jeans and squatted next to the Boag. The things you gotta do when traveling.IMG_9029Tell me about some of your funny travel stories??
Caio lovelies! Update soon.
Next stop was Venice xx